Monday, November 15, 2010

Raindrops of Dr Pepper

I just love it. There is no better way to put it. Sitting here wrapped in my fuzzy 25 year old tiger blanket. (yeah, sure it may have a smell, but it’s cozy!) Watching tv, unwillingly pulled into watching The Nanny. Its become my routine. I listen to Fran Fine’s annoying voice every somehow motivates me to edit pictures. Your guess is as good as mine why it does. Finishing off my 4th Dr Pepper of the day and snacking on Oreos and Doritos.

And tonight there is an extra bonus, I get to listen to the pitter patter of the rain on the metal roof. Ahhh..

I just love it. Looking through wedding pictures, picking the best ones to send through the digital darkroom. And all of a suddenI notice there is this plastered smile on my face. It’s contagious! I can hear the giggles of the bride and her bridesmaids, ones they probably shared growing up as little girls. I can hear the crazy ideas the groomsmen have, ones that probably got the groom in trouble all those years he knew them. I see the twinkle in the grooms eye and how he smilesextra big when his bride is by his side.

I just love it. You get to experience the love, laughs, and joy on the actual wedding day. And then for the days to come as you edit each picture. We can experience it all over again. Every detail. The silly moments in betweenthose lovey dovey ones. The look on the little boys face when he sees they are FINALLY cutting the cake! The crazy dancing, how everyone is just having fun and, sure we can tell they are trying to avoid the camera, but letting loose nonetheless. The silly face Uncle Fred shoots my way as he shoves his face with chicken and dressing.

I just love it.

And all because..

“We Got This”

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

What does a small blog look like again?

Okay, so i swear, small (er) blog this time.

I know..shocker right. To anyone out there whose stuck with us from the beginning of the Saritney Blog. (I love you btw...who ever you are!)You would think after being months and months away from the blog there would be SOO much I'd have to say.

True. There is. But I'm chosing to, instead of trying to catch up.
Just start fresh?

Ah. Fresh like the smell of pinesol.

We have had some pretty amazing times. Between laughing, brainstorming,traveling, uploading, editing, eating, editing, crying, teasing, preparing, studying, crafting, succeeding, failing, and loosing ourminds..we have really had an amazing almost first year as Saritney.

The people we've met, the places we've been able to go, the lives we've been allowed to completely enter as 100 percent strangers and become a part of, the friendships we've made, the lessons we've learned, the food we've eaten, and the pictures we've captured.

It's just been.Awesome.

I don't know how else to put it. And there is no sense making this blog super long with all these adjective words that I probably just google'd and don't really know the true meaning of.
We're soo appreciative of how things have gone. And look forward to the official Saritney Anniversary date!

Which isss...NOVEMBER 28th!

Looking forward to how the rest of this year is going to go, and can't wait to start our 2nd year as Saritney with fresh ideas as the same quirky,corky, cheesy, down to earth yet with the head in the clouds, Photographers. Phew. ME AND SARA need shorter titles. :D

And to end the blog with the same phrase we've ended the blog every time and began every photoshoot with since the beginning...


And yes, I am posting this video, because yes, it makes me laugh, why? Because, okay, i admit, I am my number 1 fan. I tend to think I'm hilarious. Pathetic. I know. Don't be hatin'. :P

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Who Has Time to Buy Time?

Oh me oh my. I’m learning my lesson when it comes to blogging. 1. Type it up first in Word so I can save it in any case that the blog gets ugly and begins to delete itself in big huge chunks! (if you read my blog previous before the previous one…you know what I’m talking about..oiy.) 2. …okay. Really. I’ve only learned one thing so far, I just thought it would look more important if I put two things. :)

This story begins with a text message I get from Sara as I’m trying on ridiculous dress up clothes with my friend “Noodle” (refer to previous blog to know who this is) at a store called “Unclaimed Baggage”. And what is it about? Another photographer in the Huntsville area wants US to take HER pictures. Oh. My. Bob. Like THAT isn’t nerve wrecking. I hurry home and we look her up some more. And cross our fingers “please be a terrible photographer, please not know what you’re doing. PLEASE be a terrible photographer” …nope. She takes some amazing pictures, has some awesome clients, and it’s very apparent..she DOES know what she’s doing.

“Oh gosh.”

Was what we said a lot. So after some breathing exercises, we calmed ourselves down..and emailed her back and set the date we’d be nervous up until to!

BY THE WAY. Not only is Megan Componation a great photographer, she is also very faithful to reading and commenting on my..I MEAN OUR…blog! So THANK YOU Megan! This makes me super happy and I’m sorry I’m such a procrastinator!

We spent the few weeks before their shoot brainstorming and trying to think of ways we could impress another photographer. When it came to the actual day for the shoot, we had calmed down more by then. But still..butterflies danced in our stomach as we tried to find a parking spot.

Do you know what a time meter is? It’s a meter that charges you for your time. And did you know that they ONLY take change..not dollar bills, not debit cards, not even credit cards. I know! Ridiculous right? Well, Me and Sara did not come prepared. We park next to a meter and go to pull out some quarters. *looks around* okay..some dimes..*looks around* nickels? *looks around* ohhhh poo! No!! No change! Nowhere! So once again, we went off to beg for something we need and have to have. By we, I mean Sara. I made her go ask someone for some coins because she has the sweeter “give it to me now or I could very well go insane” smile. And we got some quarters. *phew* crisis diverted.

(You are ready for a long blog right? If I have any new blog readers, I’m sorry, I should’ve warned you in advanced. Go get you a cup of coffee and some banana bread that way you’re not starving by the time you finish reading.)

Got your coffee? Okay. Good. :D

So we set up our goodies and wait for Megan and her two adorable kids (we knew this because we sort of facebook stalked her in’s so nice when you know the kids are ridiculously cute before you even meet them..)

Walking into the park we had two cute little ducklings that Sara called goslings follow us wherever we went. Perfect! We were going to use them in our pictures! Kids and baby animals are always cute together. However, they definitely fled the scene minutes before they showed up and we had to chase them down later. And, they were SO not interested in getting their pictures taken, Bee. Tea. Double u.

The photoshoot went really good! Megan was so easy going it helped us not feel so nervous. And her kids? AH! SO. SO. Cute! Lawson had such a cute smile and was a little bashful at first. He was very interested in playing with the ducks instead of getting his picture taken with his little sister, which I can’t blame him..ducks are pretty awesome. But, we found something more amazing-er than ducks..yes, hard to believe..but we did.

Fruit snacks in the shape of Cars. WOW. I wish I’d get car fruit snacks when I got my picture taken. Lawson kept us busy! He didn’t like to look at the camera, so we tried to find ways to get him to look at us. (Which, I can’t blame him, I wouldn’t want to look at me either…poor kid.) The secret? We put chex mix on my head and screamed “AHH THERE’S FOOD ON MY HEAD!!” And he would look at us and scream and smile and laugh. We had fun screaming in the park with Lawson.

And then there’s Owen. Sooo sweet. She was so easy going. You’d pick her up and all she’d want to do was bury her head in your shoulder and snuggle. Just one look at her and she makes your heart melt and ooze all the way down to your toes.

What doesn’t belong in this picture? Do you see that oddly shaped duck? Yeah. Poor Megan. Lawson was done wearing his shoes so he decided to take them off. And throw them. Into the pond. If I didn’t have reflexes of a hippo I could’ve caught it. I was right there next to it. All I did was a lot of “oh..oh! ah! Oh! Wait! I can get it” *slloowww moooo* and by then it was in the middle of the pond. Oiy. It gave us something to laugh at? Right Megan? Yeah? :D hehe

We really had a lot of fun with Megan and her two cuties! And Megan we hope you had as much fun as we did! Thanks for being such a help and for putting up with our craziness in the park.

Afterwards we hit the subway and shared a 5 dollar foot long. (Because they’re amazing) and here was the text I get from Sara later on after she had done much deep philosophical thinking for the day. “was just thinking of a beautiful metaphor to describe Saritney photography… its like our subway sandwich… the base, core, “meat” so to speak is the same… but its all the extra stuff that is conpletely and utterly different that makes saritney photography so unique and special!! we should of take a picture... darn it!!" It made me laugh so hard..which was awkward..because when she sent this text I was at work. In a bathroom. Laughing. ....yeahhh..

Now I must include a conversation I JUST had, in fact am having right now with Sara...

Britney: lol you spelt completely conpletely in your text to me that i'm blogging about
Britney: and i had to quote you verbatum sooo i had to include conpletely
Sara Pockrus: Nooo
Sara Pockrus: Not fair!
Sara Pockrus: I give you permission to correct my error!
Britney: i deny it but appreciate the input

Oh goodness. So fun!

It was a pretty great day! We had so much fun and Megan and Lawson and Owen provided us a day of plenty of stories and adventures and some pretty cute pictures as well! That's what we call a perfect shoot!

Now..introducing..the new face of Saritney Photography:

She needs a new name...any suggestions?


Friday, July 2, 2010

Like Laundry Has Ever Killed Anyone..

To start off with..I've always wanted to make my font color yellow, but always decide against it because I'm pretty sure it'd be super hard to read. The font color of a blog says alot about a person ya know. It's very crucial when making this decision. It reflects personality, emotion, hopes, dreams, and ambitions.

HAHA yeahhhh...that's a load of's just colorful and pretty and you probably haven't even realized I SO just changed the color to green. Be amazed. Be very amazed.

SO that was my little rambling of the night.


Sooo there is a secret person behind Saritney Photography. She helps support us in many ways. Is our very own personal little gopher.. I mean..assistant. She was there to celebrate our first gig together, and she suffers through my constant askings of "Have you looked at our new pictures yet?!" "Do you like them? Why don't you like them...I don't wanna hear constructive criticism...I wanna hear groveling!!" She's traveled down many a times and she's been our very own little guinea pig to run our ideas on. When we get the itch to do an out of the ordinary, sorta just random photoshoot..she's our gal!

It all started when our secret person behind Saritney Photography..I just realized I never told you her name...

Let's call her Noodle, shall we? She takes forever to read our blogs and I find a personal little victory getting to call Stephanie, Noodle and her not even knowing it. *ahh* So nice.


It all started when.."Noodle" bought me some pretty outrageous fabulous big gold sparkly stillhetos. Long story short. It gave birth to our idea...a "shrunk in the dryer" photoshoot.

Yeah. It doesn't make sense. But really. It does. Gold sparkly shoes can ALWAYS give inspiration.

So down Stephanie comes...all morning she spends getting ready, and to thee perfect laundry mat. Or so we thought. It had the vintage look! (smell too...that wasn't so pleasant) The pacman video game that's probably not been moved since 1967. The dryers that had scuff marks that were probably from my grandma when she was a little girl and went there with her mom to do laundry. Yeah. It was just that perfect. So much potential.

Then. She ruined it. Not only our perfect photo shoot spot, but also Saritney's perfect record. We had not been denied anything....up until that point. People let us use their restaraunt before it even opened to the public, we'd been allowed around, in, and on top of spiffy antique cars, let inside places that weren't for us to roam around in really, we've gotten discounts off items, and free cake even! But our perfect record was ruined that day...And all because of this:

For some "unknown" reason, she thought we were gonna break the dryer, hurt ourselves, then probably sue. Oh my. Sooo...the owner, disguised as a regular user of the laundry mat. A very unhappy woman *bless her heart* told us that was a big No NO. So we smiled, looked at each other, and left for the next nearest laundry mat!

Of course, when we pull up to it..(you know there are only like 7 in the small little town of Scottsboro) we were a bit more anxious this time. "What if we get kicked out of this one too?" We didn't think it would look good on our record if we got arrested. I mean..could you imagine? There you are in jail. A woman named Harry looks at you, cigarette hanging from her mouth, a big tattoo across her neck that says "KILLER" and she asks "So, whatchu in her' for?"

"um..we stuffed our friend in a dryer? ..twice?"

So, of course, we had to pull out our ninja quick moves. We needed to be in there, stuff Noodles in the Dryer, get her out...let her get changed into the "after shrunk" outfit, stuff her back in the dryer, get her out..and go. All in the meanwhile tryin' to capture some super amazing pictures.

Looking through our pictures that night you could tell we were hurried...oiy. But it was definitely SUPER much fun. And we were pretty proud of our little idea.
(At thee much cooler laundry mat..that had no owners present at the time, but very many curious Wonder why?)

So if you haven't, you must go check out our "Tumble Dry Low. If Necessary" photo album on our Facebook page. That's what pictures should really be all about, right? Fun, creativity, adventure, and cramming friends in over-sized dryers. :D


~whistles~ woo hoo! Down here! Read me! :) So, I know you've probably heard absolutely nothing about this *winks* but we are having a giveaway. And I'll be honest, when we first decided to do this, we were a little nervous that we wouldn't have too many people enter. Anddd...we're still a little apprehensive. So, please. Don't make us pull out our ninja moves again. We are just itching to take some pictures! And we'd love to be able to give away a free session! We are 4 fans away from giving away the 30 minute free session. And if you suggest enough friends to "like" our page we may get to give away an hour session! FOR FREE! So, suggest friends, threaten them if you have to, and tell us you did! And we'll put your name in our drawing!
I mean, c'mon..who don't like to win something every now and then?

Much love to all our fans and the super sweet compliments and feedback we've gotten over the past weeks! You are all amazingggg!!

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner

Oh yes. You read it right. We are indeed having a giveaway. It's the first official giveaway from Saritney Photography and depending how it goes may be our deciding factor if we will have another one sometime in the future.

Our Goal: To spread the word about Saritney and offer one of our amazing fans a free session of any choice! (Weddings not included.. I know. I know. It'd be amazing. Maybe if we get to 5,000 fans we'll offer this? Hm? Inticing!)

Our deadline is Friday, July 9th, 2010. And ONE of three things could happen; depending on how many participate and are as excited about this as us!
1. We reach 200 fans by deadline and give away a free 30 minute mini-session.
2. We reach
250 fans by deadline and give away a free 1 hour session!
3. We reach
300 fans by deadline and give away a free 1-2 hour full session plus 2 free 8x10s!!! *woot woot!*

Why, Britney & Sara, however do I win one of these giveaways? You may ask.
That's a very good question. And we have tried 10 different ways of wording this to keep it simple and let you know how to win. So. After much debate and confuzion, we've decided..

Suggest fans
AND leave us a comment on our wall telling us you did (We will trust that you are telling the truth) and also tell us what kind of session you want! And we'll add you in the fish bowl! To have your name drawn! (Please, local fans only. Unless of course you'd like to pay our airfare for your free session?)

And if you'd like to be entered in the drawing twice! Leave us a comment on one of our blogs and include BRITNEY YOU ROCK at the end so we know to add it to our fish bowl. And if you'd like to be entered in the drawing thrice leave us a comment on our wall telling us which Saritney Picture is your most favoritists! :D Maximum entries per person is 3. (Wow, well, we tried to keep this simple)

Okie dokie! Those are the details! Now. Go go go!! Comment your hearts out and click clickity away! And you can trust our eyes will be glued to the computer waiting to see what we get to give away!!

And as a sneak peak of our next blog:

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Mirror, Mirror, in my hand, whose the sleepiest in the land?

Yes. Sleepiest is a word. And yes. That's how you spell it. How do I know? I used my brain...aka..Google.

Here is another TWO'fer'ONE blog! So to all my..okay okay..are we ready for this..I'm SO super excited to say this...TEN blog readers!! WOO HOO! You're (hopefully) in for a treat! And thanks to all who commented on my last blog! It makes me almost (more) excited than when we get comments on our pictures! So thanks for makin' me smile. :D

These photoshoots happened. Awhile ago. I plan to catch up on my blogging. This is what happens when a procrastinator is in charge of writing. Sooorrrry.

It was a lovely Saturday morning. I had the whole day to prepare for our photoshoots happening the next day. Charge batteries, clear memory cards, get props together, brainstorm. *ah* So peaceful the way it (was) going to work out. I was planning to sleep in! I never get to! I wasn't going to have to get up till 8 and you have no idea how happy that makes me. A little before phone..(which has the vibrater of a machine I think I'm in world war 2 every time it goes off) goes.
BUZZZZZZZ ...*winces* "no. Please. Go back to sleep's probably just facebook..leave it alone" BUZZZZZZZZZZZZ KER PLUNK PLUNK BAM (my phone fell off my nightstand)
With blurry eyes and a hand thats got that tingly needle feeling because I slept on it funny I look at my text's from Sara. "oh boy"

"So. It's suppose to rain tomorrow. Let's go do Carly's shoot today! Is that okay? I'll call her."

"HELLOOO! Are you awake? Get up! It's beautiful outside! Let's go to huntsville and take Carly's pictures!"

I laugh. Sara asked me if it was okay. HA HA HA. Like I had a choice. We were going. I get out of bed after moans and groans and a kiss goodbye to my pillow and went to answer her when her star trek ring tone went off..(stay tuned to find out why her ring tone is star trek..don don donnn)


"Did I wake you? I'm sorry! Are you up? Did you get my text messages?"


"Is that okay if we go ahead and do hers? But you'll have to be over here in like 20 min because we need to leave. I can call her first though to see if it's okay. But i'm sure it should be okay. Is that okay with you?"


"hahaha come on sleepy head! It'll be fun!"

"uh huh"

So. My peaceful morning of sleeping in..ended up like so.

We spent..FOREVER to make these cute butterflies to hang from the tree! Our idea for part of Carly's Senior photoshoot was childhood meets womanhood. Mix the child like things with the more grown things in life. Marbles in a purse. So forth. We were quite proud. The whole idea came from a really cool mirror we bought at an antique mall..which we bargained down to 5 bucks! WOO HOO!
I hate crafts. B.T.W. I'm not good at it. I have no patience for it. And I get bored with it easily. But I love the finished product!

We were pretty proud. I laugh though, because the time we spent to make this? Anddd...I think I got maybe 3 pictures total that actual got them in the shot. LOL it was part of the fun! Who knows...we may be able to use them again!

Carly was so much fun to take pictures with!! It was pretty much near impossible to get a bad picture of that makes our job easier!! And we took her everywhere! Big Spring Park, Downtown Huntsville area-ish, some random field in Gurley off the side of a highway. Woot woot! We like to be adventureous. Adventerous..we like adventure! :D

How I love being a rebel. Between stealing petals, oh gosh y'all..I just can't do it. I typed this already. It got deleted somehow. I don't know how. Britney is no longer a happy britney. And therefore I apologize. Let's keep some mystery involved shall we? Yes. Yes. that sounds like a great idea...oh my deleted a really big chunk of the blog. man :( and I think some of it was funny. (to me anyways)

To sum it up. Carly, you are amazing, beautiful, and SO much fun to be with! We know your senior year and beyond will go great for you! And that you'll live your life to the full.

Cindy and Scott..y'all are awesome. (eh, Scotts, okay..Cindy we like. haha! I just kidding. Maybe. Sara said it. Not me. Mwahaha the power of blogging!) We set up to Gorhams bluff to take their pictures. Found thee perfect willow tree to set up our picnic. Big wedding going on. We tried to be inconspicious. Then I had this little conversation with myself (in the previous blog before it got deleted :( ) about how awesome that word is and if I even used it. But to sum it up we were trying to act like we weren't even there..and I'd say we did good....

(okay..this is where the blog stopped deleting itself at. Oiy. I'm going to bed)

*sigh* Moments later, Sara fell from this tree. Oh, yes, OF COURSE i took pictures, but I'm not gonna post them, bc she's got pictures of me and my big flat butt and I don't really wanna show the world those. ten readers. :D Y'all.

So. This wedding that was going on? Yeah. We find out later. It was a $300,000 wedding. Yeah. Yeah! And they were shuttling in guests from Atlanta on those big gray buses! You know..the kind with like..lazy boy chairs in it and big screen tvs for everyone to personally use, and they serve steak. Yeah. They probably had the news there..and that made me laugh. How funny would that be? You see the bride and groom dancing, with their thousands of guests all around them, probably all flown in by private jets. Gold strung diamond chandeliers are hanging from everywhere. It's filled with satin, silk, egyptian cotton and whatever really expensive crap you can think of. And in the background you see two little photographers carrying around cheese, crackers in one hand, and our flip flops in the other. Falling from trees, tripping over each other as we try to hang our amazing chandelier we stole from Michelle (she let us borrow it because she's AMAZING) from the branches. I hope we made the news.

These two kept making me laugh so much! We'd have to take 3 pictures of every pose. In the 1st picture we knew Scott's eyes would be closed, in the 2nd we knew Cindy's eyes would be closed, but we knew the 3rd would be the exact picture we wanted. No joke. I have about 15 pictures that turned out like that! It was priceless! I think they practiced at home how to blink not in sync to give us a challenge for the day! haha!

Between the bright colors, the guitar music, the cheese, crackers, and wine, the laughing and talking, scott and cindy picking on each other, and talking to the towns ppl to find out the latest gossip about the big shot wedding, it was pretty much a really perfect shoot!
Happy Anniversary Y'all!!

Okay okay. We ready for this?

"WE GOT THIS (y'all)"

(as a an end note. I was just informed by Sara to never use the word y'all again. SO. You will be seeing the word Y'all ALOT more in future blogs. For my northern blog readers...for future reference..y'all is the combination for the words you and all. Y'all usually refers to one person sometimes a group.)

Friday, June 4, 2010

The Name of My Muse is Alejandro

Don don donnnnn! Finally! A blog! *le gasp* I’d like to start off by thanking my now…FIVE blog readers! For stickin’ with me and reading my ramblings.’s my shout out to you! (if you’d like to be added to my special shout out list, you should tell me you read my blog. It’d make me super happy…I’m just saying.)

Okay. So I’m officially excited, bc I titled this blog, and then told Sara about it. And asked her if she got it. And she did. It’s like..we know what each other’s thinking! Its almost like..we spend WAYYYYYY too much time together. Would you like me to explain the title to you? No? Great! I will anyways! Every time before a wedding shoot, to ease the nerves, me and Sara play Muse. Specifically one of their songs. I don’t know the title..but it uses lovely words to sing (specially before a sweet wedding) such as: “MURDER IT! Won’t let you SMOTHER IT! Won’t let you BURRYYY IT!!!!” And we screamed our little hearts out. Dancing and driving in the rain (I can multi-task) and it really did ease the nerves. And then at the end of the night, we had a nice discussion (while eating at Sonic) about that stupid song that talks about Ale Ale jandro. Ale Alejandro. Roberttooo. What’s with the random names? Hm? I’m gonna make my own song.. Bob bob Bobbb Bob Bob Bobbb Timmmmyyyy. Yeah. Be. Jealous. Anywhos.

So you got to read my blog about Callie and Tyler’s you get to read about their wedding day and thee..behind the scenes events! And oh my! What a day! It was such a learning experience for us two and we had bunches of fun!

(Also, let’s just know that from now on, my blogs will be long. I’m done apologizing for having too much to say. It’s part of life. The clouds don’t come and apologize every time they bring rain..and ya know what. Some of us like rain.)

Paragraphs are awesome.

There was a lot of preparation for this wedding! Oh yeah..for the bride too..sure sure, I guess there was a litttttle bit of planning (haha, are you rolling your eyes at this part Callie? *winks*) and it just seemed like nothing would work out for me and Sara. Okay..I say nothing. I mean a few things. Okay. I mean one.

Cotton Candy Bubblegum.

Did you know it’s a very hard thing to find? Yeah..Bubble Yum bubble gum is super hard to find in Scottsboro, Ft Payne, and all the places in between. We had a vision. Bride and her friends with bubble gum..all blowing bubbles. The guys with blue gum (cotton candy) and the gals with pink bubble gum! So. Day before the wedding. (Perfect time to get things together…NOT.) We go into two diff walmarts, a Walgreens, a rite aid, and a few gas stations. Cotton Candy Bubble Yum…DOES NOT EXIST! So please. If you or your family know where my cotton candy bubble gum is. Please contact me number.


How do you and Sara come up with some of your ideas? Oh why. Funny you should ask. We try to brainstorm ideas for different props, different poses, different spots. We try not to use the same place or things twice. (Not yet anyways..not to say we never will. We will. Some things are too cute, ya know?) we were scoping out the place where we would be taking Callie and Tyler’s pictures we found the perfect spot. In the middle of the road. The town was just too neat. The whole idea of a bride, dress flowing in the wind, groom closely by her side, dramatic lights in the background. Our only problem? This thing called…traffic. I laughed and said…all we need is to hold our hand up and scream “Stop in the name of Love!” and ppl would SO stop for us. Then. I saw it. Sara’s eyes got realllly big! And her voice does this cute little squeaky thing when she gets excited. And she said. “We SO should! How Awesome would that be Britney?! We need to make a sign! And we can have them holding it off to the side. Real dramatic like. Oh my gosh! Britney! That’s it! We need to make a stop sign that says that!”

So. We made it.

Yeah. Sara didn’t think it was appropriate for us to put just “Stop Love.” Sooo we decided to add the “in the name of” in the middle..last minute decision right there (It’s a joke. Ha. I’m kidding. I promise :D )

ALLL that time we spent on the sign. And Sara (not me of course) made the mistake to have me carry the sign in the trunk of my car. If you know me. You know that’s not a good thing. I carry everything you shouldn’t in my trunk. Anyways. Needless to say, I spilt bleach on the sign and ruined it. Le sigh. It gives it a vintage look to it tho..kinda. sorta. Not really. Poo.

So. For anyone that doesn’t know me. I’m a klutz. Not graceful. And very clumsy. And I tend to be like that while I’m taking pictures. Standing in the middle of the theater. Waiting on the bride and groom to make their big entrance (And on batteries for my dead flash..that was a panicking moment. B.T.W. almost missed the shot..yeah. THAT was lovely. Parents came just in time though with a fresh packet for me. *Yay*). Oh. No. Wait. This was after they came. Ahh..this was when I was taking family pictures. Anyways. People are all around. I’m supposed to be professional. Look like I know what I’m doing. Be composed and together. I move my tripod, my camera wiggles and squirms..and BAM CRASH KACRUNCH! Strobe fell off the camera. Landed on the ground. My heart fell into my toes. If only I had spidey like reflexes. Quickly picked it up. Laughed like I meant to do that. Said a prayer. Sighed relief. It still works. *PHEW*

I think my favorite part of the wedding that day. Were the tornado sirens going off.Yes. That’s right. While most of you (in the dekalb/Jackson counties) were hiding in basements and storm shelters. Sara, Me, Callie, Tyler, and our Stop sign, were standing in the middle of the road. People screaming at us. “Get inside! Those are tornado warnings!!” While we’re screaming at them..”Get inside!! You’re in our way!!!” Frank..our favorite person for the day! (He helped with EVERYTHING!) is dubbed our hero for this wedding. (If you remember, for Maretta & John’s wedding, it was the lady in red.) Why was Frank our hero? He stopped traffic for us. And not just any traffic. He stepped in front of a police car, and got us to the middle of our street to accomplish our vision! We felt so cool, I want you to know. Walking and waving to Mr. Officer as we carried our cameras proudly in the rain and ignored the sirens going off.

SO worth it though! These were our favorite pictures!

The night ended perfectly! We said our goodbyes. I got to go home with a HUGE thing of Mayo. And as we pulled into Sonic and we ordered hamburgers, those pickle crispy thingys, and Dr Pepper, who did we see pull in? Tyler and Callie! The happy officially married couple! It was nice to see the happy smiles and hear the wedding went exactly like they hoped and that they had so much fun! Thank you again you two for letting us be a part of your special day! We hope you love your pictures! And look forward to doing 50 year anniversary pictures for you two (no obligation or anything *winks*)


Thursday, April 29, 2010

Antique Malls vs. Potatoes

Don't be hatin' I like to spell my Potatoe with a TOE at the end of it. I have a toe fetish. You spell Potatos, I spell Potatoes. It's all the same. Right? :) I sure hope so!

First off..well..i guess my "first off" was about the off..I wanted to let y'all know that I blog in order of our Photoshoots. Sooo unfortunately this blog is not about Callie & Tyler's Wedding, but that one will be coming shortly! This one is about......are you ready for this???

Saritney's Fotoshoot!!!

And it alllll started with a trip to the Antique Mall...(Me & Sara's new fav obsession by the way.)

With eyes wide open, we took it allll in. This HUGE warehouse building FILLED with alllll sorts of goodies. From victorian chairs, to metal toy tractors, metallic tea sets, bronze mirrors, old books, and music sheet. Vintage. Vintage. Vintage. And inspiration was flying outta our..................selves. :D

Walking around in daze and astonishment Sara came across a find! "What is it?" I ask..."Kinda looks like a cigar case, don't it?"

With raised eyebrows Sara says.."that's one big cigar case?"

"It's for a giant, Sara..duhh.."

She picks it up, looks at it, presses a button and it pops open..displaying...something absolutely beautiful. A 1976 Polaroid Camera. With screams and glees and lots of "oh my goodnesses" we held tight to it and carried it outta that store...after buying it of course...shesh..we're not theives ya know.

Immediately on the car ride home we started brainstorming. We had mentioned a new profile picture for our "Saritney" Site....and what better prop to use then this beautiful camera? So..we decided we needed to buy polaroid film..because we had the polaroid camera! We need the pictures to go with it! And not just any pictures. No. We wanted to take pictures of things that inspire us. Things that make our wheels turn when we try to think of creative shots for our clients and photoshoots. No problem right? All we'll do is go online and order some.

Ohhhh...isn't THAT lovely. They stopped making polaroid film just a year ago? OH! FANTASTIC! It costs $32.95 for just 8 pictures? *sigh* There went our vision.

Nope. We can't let it go. We have a vision...we must go through with it.

Read online that some pharmacies may still carry the film..GREAT! After calling about 10 to 15 pharmacies...some of which..sure..are ONLY 90 minutes away..we find once again. It's a Fail. No film. :( There went our vision..

Nope! We just can't get it out of our system! We're going to see our vision through!!

So we go to a little place here called Unclaimed Baggage...a place that when you take the time, and go on the right days, you can truely find some treasures..and we did!! There among all the lost cameras..was a polaroid camera..and inside of it?!!?!?! You guessed it!! A film case!! YAY! Our eyes got big and we squeeled and screamed. Bought it. Took it out to the car. Opened it up!

Empty. No film. Just the case. FAIL. Again. There went our vision...

You wanna say it this time? Or should I?'re shy. I understand. I'll say it. Nope! Nothing we'll stop us! We will accomplish our vision!!!!

After a few additions to photoshop, some cropping, some editing....we made our very own polaroids! And we couldn't have been any happier!! Finally!! We would see our vision through!! Each of us chose pictures of things that inspired us. You can tell whose the more intelligent of the two of us.

The intelligent one chose things like: sunset, clouds, a baby's smile, flowers, birds"other" one chose things like: shiney pennies, cupcake monsters, bubbles, toes.

I'll leave it to your imagination to decide whose who. :)

And we got some pictures we personally were very proud of :D It's so exciting for a photographer to see their vision fulfilled. *sigh* it's like getting to eat the full cake, icing and's very satisfying.

Now would be a good time to thank my daddy! He climbed up a ladder on top of a tree and listened to me and Sara bark orders while we're laying on the ground...directing him to get thee perfect shot. "Have you zoomed out? Have you zoomed in? Are you getting this? Did you get that? Did you focus on this? Did you focus out on that?" Thanks Daddy! (And thanks Mommy and my sister Brooke for keeping order. haha)

If you check out our facebook you'll see the nice pretty ones. But here are some of my personal favorites :)

Sara is saying "Seriously? I. Will. Kill. Her. Where's my duct tape?" And I'm shouting "I'M A POE-TAY-TOE"



Monday, April 19, 2010

Eating Rocks and Drinking Wine

Soooo I just spent the last 5 minutes trying to log in to our blogspot account...and couldn't figure out whyy in the world the password wasn't working..when I realized..I was using my email password..not our blogspot password...don't you hate it when you do stuff like that?


We have had some exciting photoshoots! I know I say this all the time, but it's true! We always have fun! We just hope our clients and victims can say the same!

Couple weeks ago we got the chance to have double the fun! Colton & Savoy were our first Twin Photoshoot!

Can I be honest? Good..I want to be honest..this is what this blog is for you you get to have the behind the scenes effect? Right?!

There is something every photographer worries about. I cannot speak on behalf of them all but I can speak at least for me (Sara--you probably agree..right?...she's probably got her eyebrows raised right now thinking..."ohh boyy...what's Britney going to say now? I'm going to have to make her delete this post...aren't I?" )

When someone says they want you to take their babies picture, you always say "Sure! We'd love to!" BUT. In the back of your mind...(okay..I should probably just say my mind since I'm not speaking on behalf for anyone..) I always..ALWAYS think "Oh gosh..I hope their baby is cute. Photoshop can smooth skin, sharpen eyes, brighten colors, even remove garbage in the can't fix ugly."

And yes. There is such a thing as an ugly baby...I'll post some of me later to prove it. :D

SO. When I saw Colton & Savoy I knew *Immediately* we were not going to have a problem getting cute, adorable, *ohh & aww* pictures. With their bashful smiles and their bright brown eyes just staring above those rosey cheeks on those cuteee faces.

I you see what I mean? Look at those faces! Too cute!

These two did so good for putting up with being in the heat, being tossed between wagons, and train tracks, and different spots on the ground, and having not just one..but TWO photographer's in their face and having to wait on snack of my favorite memories is all summed up in this picture..

( I think they thought the rocks were cookies)

It was just so cute and funny...Colton would put a rock in his mouth, Mom would run over and pull it out..Savoy would put a rock in his mouth, Dad would take it from him..throw the rock to to the side...while doing this...Colton finds another rock and as it makes its way to his mouth, Mom hurries up and grabs it..tossing it to the the meantime...Savoy has two rocks, one for each hand, slowly making it's way to his mouth so he could lick it. I must try these cookie rocks..they must be pretty tasty.

Thank you again Tiffiny & David, Savoy & Colton, for giving us some amazing picture opportunities and letting us get to know your family! we switch things up a bit...I'm givin' y'all a two-fer-one. Just a few days after the above mentioned photoshoot we had another photoshoot..that will be mentioned below..

Our Aunt LaDeana (did y'all know Me & Sara are cousins?!?! She probably wants me to mention it's not by blood and through marriage only....i'm technically her..cousin-in-law..i think..anyways..) was able to suffer through a photoshoot with us :) And how was she able to do it you ask?!

Anddd that's the secret in on how to put up with me and Sara on a photoshoot....unfortunately it does not apply to all and is not always provided.

We had so much fun! It all started with us finding thee perfect spot in a beautiful field...granted that field was across the street from the middle school, by the road, in front of some warehouses..butttt with the right angles you can't tell. Soo Deana was tryin' to find us...and as we stood in the field and watched Deana make all the wrong turns to get to us..we laughed. With her. Not at her. NoooOoo...neverrrr :)

She has yet to see all of her we can't wait to show them to her!!

This was also the photoshoot where I almost got arrested. Yes. I said it. I could've been caught and easily gotten 10 years. I'm NOT being over dramatic.

We had a vison. And when we have a vision. Nothing can stop us. Nothing at all. Not even the law.

Our vision included and needed...flower petals..but could we find them? NO. Why? Because the pretty trees which supply the pretty petals are all either dead, or in people's backyards..which were surronded by gates and impossible to get to.


I.....are you ready for this? Stole them.

Sara pulled the car up to one of the houses that had the pretty petals and I hurried up..jumped out..and grabbed handfuls of petals and threw them in th car...but there was a water-meter reader guy comin' our way..and I just KNOW he was actually a police officer coming to get me. Sara said I picked all the ugly ones...I think I picked out the best ones..

Ah-Maze-Ing. I know.

:D Needless to say. It's been fun! Check out our facebook page to see what our vision completed with our petals & Deana! :D

"We Got This"

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Retro Basket Case

I think it's only fair that if I blogged about being featured...I should blog about the actual photoshoot that got featured..and all the happenings and funfullness behind it. Yes, that's right. I can invent words, it's one of the perks of being a superhero...(but sh. Don't tell no one)

Let me introduce you to Callie & Tyler. (Here they were beat boppin'..breakin' it down, yo.) And they had to put up with ME AND SARA..which on a normal basis can be alot for someone to put up with. But these two had to put up with Sara & Britney sleep deprived style. We hadn't even broke out the flashes or taken the lens caps off our cameras and already we were laughing hysterically. And I don't think we even knew why. (We were just really super excited about the photoshoot! It was super amazingly fun.)

Our first stop was to my door. It was an amazing door. I loved this door. My vision was based around this door. It was the backdoor to some type of store...I pass it at least 4 times a day and I don't know what it is...that's sad..anyways..I was super excited about this door. Sara...not so much. After forcing Callie & Tyler out of the car they waited our direction as to what we wanted to do. Since it was my door, Sara looked at me..and I realized just then...I don't know what to do. I was so pumped about the amazing door, I didn't think how could we take pictures with the door and it not be is just a door. (But it's an amazing door..I liked this know after you say the word *door* so sounds kinda funny..door door door...sorry..anyways.)

Next we went to our Retro Diner. Paynes Soda Shop on the Square in Scottsboro, AL. Best hotdogs in town and perfect spot for a retro styled engagement shoot! We were pretty excited they agreed to let us come take pictures, and the owners said we could even come in early..(this made us super happy..makes us feel special)
Things were fun here! We tried to make up for our obnoxiousness by treating Callie & Tyler to a strawberry milkshake (they had no choice, it had to be strawberry whether they liked it or not. Pink was SO much better for pictures..) and a cocacola. It all went smoothly except for when I dropped my made me sick to my stomach and I almost died. Just was that bad. Thankfully. It's a trooper!

~On a side note..
ME AND SARA went to Paynes the following week or so to eat lunch, thank them for letting us use the diner again, and of course to shamelessly show off some pictures :) Bringing Devon along (you know, because he's sort of Sara's child and you never know when you might need to use an extremely adorable kid as bait for our next victim.) We finished eating some amazing cheeseburgers and the guy came and took our dirty plates away. Because, you know, that's what they should do. But...Devon did not agree with this. He cried and sobbed. Youcould tell it just broke his little heart that that mean guy took away HIS dirty plate and chicken basket. "Mamaw" came out to ask what was wrong..and he pointed back at the guy..with that evil stare he gets his mother of course...and Sara said "He's upset that he took our dirty dishes" after scolding her son (or the evil stealer of dirty plates) she gave Devon a chicken basket. To keep. And lots of candy to go with it too. Hmm...
SO. Next time I'm out to eat, when they take my dirty plates, I'm gonna cry and scream and see if they'll refund me for my meal :D I'll update you on that one.

Here's our cute little basket case (haha, get it? get it? I'm so punny) with his basket, 2 lollipops, and some other random sugary goodness. He was content needless to say. ;)

Okay. Okay. Back to the normal topic. After the diner we went to the random part gas station, part pool sellers, part tire store (gotta love the south) place and went to the retro car that was really from the 60s not the 50s but nobody has to know that. We've learned that if you simply just ask people if you can borrow their stuff i.e...diner, car...they usually tend to say yes! "Make yourself at home" is what this friendly, good natured southern man told us. Anddd we did. Going in it, around it, and yes, even on it..

Then after this we went up to Gorhams Bluff to shoot some pretty pictures! Where we went big white building..what's it called again? Its 11:30 pm..and Sara is probably sleeping so I can't ask's the big white building where people get married..that day there happened to be a big business lunch of some sort. After making sure it was okay, the nice lady there let us go admire the place where we got a gorgeous view of the Bluff. (Had to tear Sara away from the table though, she noticed someone left their lunch behind, which was a steak meal, and wanted to know why they left it there? She's so nosey.)

OKAY! I'm sorry. I KNOW! I type too much. I GET IT! But I just don't wanna leave details out. And just so you know..I DID leave details out...partly because I can't remember them, and because I try not to go on and on and on about too much so that I don't bore those 3 people that read our blog.

"We Got This"

Monday, March 29, 2010

WE GOT FEATURED! ....a month ago..

Sometimes...I do wonder why Sara has agreed to let me be the one to head up our blog. She should know by now that I am the procrastinator out of the two of us. In fact, to be honest. The very reason I am blogging now is because I am procrastinating. And on what? Editing pictures. Of cuteeee adorable twin boys! Such a fun photoshoot we had with them and their family this past Saturday. So. See? It doesn't matter what it is. I procratinate. I'd probably procrastinate collecting my lottery money if I ever won it.

Anyways. That was off subject.


Me & Sara (Yes, I do now purposefully put that instead of Sara & I because it's SO much more fun to annoy Sara! Someone's gotta keep her on her toes ya know ;) )

Wedding Chicks (One of theee coolest Wedding Blogs in the U.S. I want you to know) Decided to feature our 1950 Engagement shoot of Callie & Tyler! (A photoshoot which was just amazing! We had so much fun, and gave Callie & Tyler a taste of what they'll have to put up with on their wedding please. Pray for them. Bless their hearts--the two of us can be...well..a bit's Sara's fault.


There's one of theee most monumental links in me & Sara's slowly but surely growing business career! It was pretty amazing! And we both want to thank everyone again for the continuous support and for putting up with our badgering y'all :)

All I will say about that day (to keep from making ALL my blogs SUPER long(er) ) is that at 6 in the morning my phone was buzzing with texts from Sara saying





and the rest of the day was filled with screams every time someone commented on our feature and double screams when they were from someone we did not know! haha!


That was our big exciting news from....last month! I promise I shall do better at blogging, Mom. And you other two faithful readers of our amazing blog.

We Got This!!

Sunday, February 28, 2010

What realllly happened...

The event of John & Maretta's Wedding..through the many eyes from a fly on the wall...

Ahh...yes. It was our very first official gig together as the Sar and Itney business partnership began. Were we confident? We appeared to be. Yes. But this blog is for you to know..the real story. What went on behind the scenes...what reallllly happened. (the extra "l"s in really is for dramatic emphasis, just so you know.)

Our story the night of the wedding rehersal.
With heads held high, cameras dangling on our necks, and tripod and flash equipment bags in hand we marched our fluffy butts into the building. Oh's and Ah's over the photographers being there put flutters in our stomaches and made our heart's skip a beat. We were just so ecstatic!!

"We got this" we kept telling each other and ourselves. We only had room for excitement, we weren't nervous....yet...

As we start pulling out the flashes and setting up the tripods, waiting for the rest of the bridal party to show up so they can practice their run down, attention comes our way. Questions are being asked. "How long have you done this for?" (professionally? umm...a week.) "How many weddings have you shot?" (together? this is our first one) "How many megapixels is your camera?" --this question, directed at me..caused me to blank out..with which i responded with many ums and ohs and finally the truth..."I have no many megapixels is my camera?" *crosses fingers* please know the answer. Please know the answer... Yours is 12, Britney. *yesssss*
It was after that question I realized I needed to hurry up and set the OTHER end, away from people.

The bride and groom were ready for their first walk down.

OK. "We got this" It was at this very moment. When I was looking through my camera set at the top of it's tripod looking at the first couple walking down when I realized. Oh. My. Gosh. We're shooting a wedding. We have ONE time to get this and get this right. This is the happiest day of their lives. If we mess up. We mess up their memories for thee. rest. of. their. lives.
(I'm a litte over dramatic. I already know this.)

As I'm taking my pictures, much to my dismay, I notice the pictures I am taking are not as crisp as I would like. Some are even blurry. And the lighting is not my favorite. I wanted to faint. Throw up. Scream. Run. But, I couldn't let them know I didn't know what I was doing. (relatively speaking) Sara, who is in the back of the building, capturing the grooms face and guests around. I smile at her (to show everyone I was confident) and was so relieved to see her smile back. "Good!" I thought to myself. At least ONE of us is getting picture perfect shots. I walk back to her. We both are smiling at each other. Wide. Big. Smiles. Very wide smiles. And this is how our conversation went:

ME- "You getting good shots" *said with big smile*
Sara- *nods head yes* Nope. I have no idea what I'm doing, Britney!
Me- *laughs* "Are you serious?"
Sara- *confidently smiles* "Oh yes. Very much so. Soo, please tell me you got good pictures."
Me- *points to camera, because for some reason this shows like we're having an intelligent conversation* "Nope. Mine are grainy and blurry."
Sara & Me- Laughs. ...continues laughing....heh heh..

Soo..we stand there for awhile. Nodding our heads yes. Never letting the smiles leave our faces. Telling Maretta & John we can't wait for tomorrow (which is true, by tomorrow, we'll actually know what we're doing) and quickly packing away our cameras so we won't be asked by ANYONE to show our pictures we just took. Our beautiful. Grainy. Green colored pictures.

Anyways. We figured it out. Stayed out till 10:30 trying to figure it out. Anddd then going home our seperate ways to stay up even later to figure more out. Went to bed in the early hours of the morning.

^Yupp, Sara, I couldn't have said it any better.^

So it's finally the day of the wedding. We had a life saving phone call from a dear friend who knows what he's doing and it put our minds at ease.

Of course, the morning started off a little rushed, I began running late, and had to speed going 80 down our road to get to Sara's. Yes. I HAD. to. It was very vital that we left on time!!
I get to Sara's, she jumps in my car. And we repeatedly tell ourselves.."We Got This" --which, has now become the official Saritney Photography motto. Because you know what? We do Got This. ;)

We jam out to Muse and laugh and rehash the whole night before. We giggle alot since that's the effect we have on each other and being slightly nervous didn't help the giggle fits.

It's a beautiful day. Rainy. Rainy. Rainy. We finally get to the place of the ceremony. Step out of our cars..right into puddles. We grab all our equipment. Thankfully, for this time, we had a lovely assistant..

Stephanie was such a life-saver..and we can't thank you enough for being such a big help Stephanie!! *THANK YOU* We send you our love and lots of big cheesy smiles.

She grabbed some of our equipment. the bag of flashes and other goodies, a tripod, and a reflector, she was probably carrying the old skool clipboard too.

Me and Sara are rushing to go in when all of a sudden, we hear "SPLASH" "OMPH" "ohh" we turn to find Stephanie half way in a puddle, her one leg soaked and the trim of her dress dripping. The loving people Sara & I are, we rush over..."is the equipment okay?!" it was. Thankfully. Oh yes. And Stephanie was okay too. We eventually asked. Apparently she was trying to avoid the puddle, and ending up slipping into the puddle. Did we say thank you yet Stephanie for being such an amazing person that day? (She made a McD lunch break for us and brought us back yummmmy cheeseburgers too!)
Did you know? By eating your lower lip completely off your face, you increase your chances of gettin' better pictures by up to 25%? (i was told to add a picture of me in...thanks sara...thanksss alottt...*sigh*)

SO. The day started off good..if you read our other blog, you know we had an absolute blast during the wedding and the reception! Best wishes to you both Maretta & John!

We ended the night by celebrating.

BEST place ever to go eat at! Sara asked for an opera singer to come over and sing for us..but unfortunately (this is sarcastic from my end I want you to know..) our waitress couldn't sing. (Oh durn.) BUT. She gave us EACH a chocolate cake to celebrate our first gig...on the house! We were thrilled. to. death.

See? (They give you crayons and you can write on the table! How awesome is that!)

Sara tried to give us some publicity. But no one will hire us..see if you can tell why by looking at this picture....

I may not have good grammer...but at least I can spell Sara! :D *hehehe*


Needless to say. We had alot of fun! I know this is a ridiculously long blog. It's more like a novel. about my life. I would say I promise they all won't be this long. But I can't make any guarantees.

This is just our first official "Behind the scenese" blog about our first official "Gig" and I'm officially ending this now.

"We Got This"

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Groomsmen, Bridesmaids, and Cameras, Oh my!

John & Maretta's Wedding

Sooo..Sara and I (me and Sara) were so excited and thrilled to death that we got to be apart of Maretta and John's special day! As a team together, it was our first wedding, so it will always be very memorable to both of us. And it was the perfect first wedding!

The Bride was beautiful and filled with those nervous and excited giggles while we took her *Getting Ready* shots.

The Groom had a smile both of us immediately fell in love with the instant we saw it Rehearsal day.
(This is the smile he had every time he saw Maretta, it was just for her and it was a manly way of course, John.)

The Bridal Party was completely down to earth and had such a good sense of humor! We were always laughing, our trigger happy selfs.

And what a reception! The dancing, the eating, the laughing! There was never a dull moment!
Me and Sara loved torturing their guests, deciding to capture their most attractive moments...

We love ya Tashia & Hester!! (sara posted these *snicker snicker*)

There was much to be entertained by! You could tell just by looking around, there was not one person who wasn't having fun.

Here are a few shots of Sara and I's? (Me and Sara's) favorite moments...

Maretta is an American Sign Language Translator, ASL is something that is very important in her life, and as a result, she signed John a song..he signed with her you can tell from the picture above. :)

Look at that look! Doesn't her laugh make you smile?

It was a sister show-down!

~*~Our Hero in Red~*~
She was our hero! The lady in red! She had a one on one dance off with John!
(We got to stand on chairs to get these pictures..personally, that was one of my favorite parts of the night...getting to stand on a chair watching everyone boogie it down!)

I know I sound like a broken record...but we absolutely had one of thee best times! Maretta & John we hope the rest of your life together is as much fun and more as it was on your wedding day!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Welcome to Our World

Ohh look What I can Do!

SO. Me and Sara (sorry, Sara and I...*rolls eyes* at Sara) have decided to join the world of blogging (personally, I don't understand where they got the term blog from? It sounds like something you do when you have a cold.) As (amateur) Photographers officially starting our own business together, we are having so much fun being included in your lives. So we thought it was only fair to give you that oh so wonderful privilege as well.

Just Imagine....

It's the day of your wedding. You've made only two major decisions for that day. The person you will spend the rest of your life with. And the people to capture the moment you decide to make it a lasting bond. (Sure, I guess there was more than just those decisions to make. Who to invite to the wedding. Trying to decide between your sister and your best friend to be your maid of honor. What to feed your hundreds of guests, if you even want to feed them. They can starve. It's not you're problem. But whatever. Those are minor details.....right?)
Where was I? Yes. So it's the day of your wedding. And here we come. Cameras in hand, flash equipment wrapped around our shoulders, tripods balancing on our heads, random shiny reflectors tucked between our knees. We reek of confidence. A faded redhead who laughs at everything because she doesn't know what else to do. And a blonde with a sweet smile that hides the fact that she's actually full of sass.
You think everything has gone smoothly for us that day. We woke up. Got ready. Got our equipment. And smooth sailing until we got to you. When the truth is? There was an adventure. There's always an adventure. And that's what our blog is for.
Want to know what's behind the scenes? Who had to race 90mph down a curvy road so they wouldn't be late? (uhh..Mom, if you're reading this, it was Sara. Not me. Kyle if you're reading this, it was Me, not Sara.) Who flirted with the old man to borrow his car for the *Perfect Shot*? Who used the adorable 19 month old baby as bait to soften the hearts of their victims? Not us. (of course) But those would be interesting stories wouldn't they? (evil laughs) (winks)

So let us...did the font just turn italic? It won't go back it normal? uh oh... why did it it normal now? There. No. AH! Is this right? It looks right. Okay. We can continue. So let us..I forgot my train of thought. Hmm.. Oh. Yes. So let us move on to the next blog! We'll try to keep you entertained while you read instead of putting you to sleep.

As our motto goes (I'll explain later)
"We Got This!"