Monday, October 31, 2011

Alexis- Senior 2012

She is brave. She is sassy. She is smart. She is Beautiful.
She is Alexis.
(Would it be cheesy right now if I said. "She is Woman. Hear her roar?"....let me know)
We had so much fun with this girl!
From my hometown, Toledo Ohio, she came
ready for anything!
She is officially one of our favorite people ever.
She sat in a chair.
in the middle of the road.
Dodging (some) traffic.
For us.
She's our hero.

Diaz Family

Any session that ends with a rainbow at the end of it
it a good one in our book. :)
Between the sunshine, the rainbow, and the kids laughing
it was all beautiful!
Thank you Diaz Family!

Brandi, Justin and Eli

The Camp Family!
How fun we had on our day in Chattanooga!
We ate icecream, took a walk on the bridge,
rode the carousel, and played in the park.
Eli here is a born professional golfer
and taught us the difference between a
uh...9 iron and putter? there such a thing as 9-iron? Sorry Eli, I'm not the best of students.
If we haven't said it before, we'll say it again.
We love when family's come back to us!!
We've loved seeing this family grow!
They are truly beautiful!  

Monica and Justin's Wedding

Monica & Justin...
how our hearts warmed the day we walked in.
Knowing everything was going to be beautiful.
From the GORGEOUS brooch bouquet
Monica & her mom made.
To such a sweet first look!
We love when our brides & grooms decide
to break away (you rebels you)
from the ordinary and dare to do something different.
We had such a wonderful time
and wish you both many years filled with laughter & love together.