Monday, April 18, 2011

Behind the Lens--Rowland Family

  I promise not every blog will start this way. But I apologize for being so behind in our blogging. April will always and forever be the busiest month of the year for us. :D But we can't wait to show you some behind the lens fun with the Rowland family.

If only I could write out a play by play of this session. This family had us cracking up the entire time. The witty comebacks, the sarcastic remarks, the joking and teasing, laughing and picking. We felt right at home, as if we were with our own family. If I didn't think it would make future clients feel like we were going to share with the world their every word while we are together, I would do that now. But just trust me when I say. The Rowland Family...they are pretty much hilarious! And filled with love! Here are just some sneak peaks of the teasing, laughing, smiling, loving...


And the normal way of things. Britney laying down on the job, while Sara directs and does all the dirty work. Mwahaha! I think we each have a picture of this from just about every session. So, expect this to happen at your shoot. ;)

Thank you Rowland family for providing us with much needed laughs! And Happy 25th Anniversary to Mom & Dad Rowland! : D