Monday, November 28, 2011

The Best Medicine

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laugh (lf, läf) v.
1. To show or feel amusement or good humor.
2. To feel a triumphant or exultant sense of well-being.

I love laughs. I love laughing. I love the sounds of laughter.
Love the way people look when they laugh.
They are contagious.
They make the soul soar.
They force the heart to be content.
Laughing is my favorite thing to capture.
Whether it's an all out belly laugh
or a sweet & shy one.
There shouldn't be a day that goes by that one doesn't laugh.
So find the people that make feel triumphant or have a exultant sense of well-being.
And surround yourself with them.
And don't forget..
when in doubt..


We love when someone wants pictures.
Just Because.
It's a time to capture yourself.
In that moment of time.
To be in front of the camera
to shine.
To show the world, I am beautiful.
Even if you do think you are terrible in front of the lens.
You're not.
Alejandra was so much fun to be with!
My grandma wants some good pictures of me.
Was her reason for us meeting that day.
Could that be any sweeter?! No.
She put her poker face on. "I'm so terrible in pictures."
Yeah. Uh. Okay.
And I hate eating Oreos.
Alex totally rocked it in front of the camera.
Stunningly Gorgeous
so much so she causes wrecks.
We like inside jokes.
Thank you Alex for following us over cliffs,
across crazy traffic,
around creepy buildings,
and chasing the sunset with us.

Monday, November 21, 2011

Three Hundred Sixty Five Reasons to Live

"Take a picture every day for a year. Wow. That's a really awesome idea! And look at her pictures! She will know what she did every day this year for years and years to come!" I sat in front of the glow from my laptop. Oogling (yes, it's a word) over another photographer's pictures. Legs crossed over each other. Most likely munching on peanut butter m&m's and drinking down my 5th Dr Pepper for the day. (Yes, Yes, I know. It's not healthy..I've since cut back.) "I should do something like this one year. ...I should do that this year!! It's almost January. Yeah....I'm gonna do this! Take a picture every day. For one full year. I'll share it with my facebook family & friends. It'll be soooooooooo cool."

Did you know. There are three hundred sixty five days in one year? Yeah. Did you know...that's alot?! One year. That don't sound bad. One. Uno. 1. It's a small number. But represents. Three Hundred. Sixty Five. 365. This is why, my friends, sometimes, a mixture of adrenaline, love for all things photography, and a pinch of naivety is good for one's soul.

The first month into this project, I was so excited. Taking pictures of everything around me. But by month 7. I was tired.

"WHY DID I START THIS PROJECT?!?!?!?!?"  This has been shouted many times. And to be honest... still does. Followed with a loud "UGHH" and a few eye rolls. And about six times a week I wake up in the middle of the night from a mini spazz attack thinking I've forgotten to take a picture.

I've not forgotten. ...not's hope for more of those spazz attacks to remind me.

But now we are into month 11. (ahh!!) And I can't believe it's almost done. And now I get to look back. And see...what I did. Every day for a year. The places I went. The people I was around. (Sometimes, even the foods I ate) The project forced me to try and be original. Forced me to look at a place I had seen a million times. Had already taken a million pictures of. And find something unique. again. Sometimes I've been able to accomplish this. Not always. There are some pictures I look at and cringe..slap my face and think.. "Com'on Britney..that was lame." 

So anyone who has a passion for photography. Or you've heard of the 365 project and think "Boy, I'd like to try that one year."  Well...I'm here to remind you...January 2012 isn't that far away.. and I'd say the 1st would be the perfect time to start this project! And keep shooting! Don't give up! You'll learn so much, and even though there will be nights you're tired. Had a long day of work. Have the same creativity level as a headless chicken (I don't know why I said that....they're probably very creative..I'm sorry) and it's month 7 and you're wondering why you even started...keep on! Because if you can take a decent picture at that that can truly rock it out when you're alert, awake, and ready!

I definitely wanted to thank EVERYBODY who has helped me with this project! Every comment and like on any picture has been like a personal high five and "ra ra britney you can do it!!" (can you tell I was never a cheerleader in school?) To all who have just said such sweet things and told me I can do it. I give each and everyone one of you a HUGE hug and a virtual cookie. (because, let's be honest, they're better than anything I could bake.) A 365 project cannot be done without a support THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU x's ten million THANK YOU! 

Monday, November 14, 2011

Amber and Clay

 Amber & Clay
Your Wedding Day was gorgeous. Breath taking. Simply Marvelous.
Your family was so sweet.
Your Bridal Party so fun.
Your groomsmen so literally blew us away! haha!
And we loved how your bridesmaids were so on top of everything.
Good people attract others like them. And that's what you two have done.
We wish you many happy years together!!

The itney of Saritney Family

Otherwise known as, The Erringtons.
We spend a lot of time together. I mean ALOT of time together. 
Brandon and Kyle (my husband) are in a band together, watch football together.. etc.
Brooke is one of Devons favorite people. And Sharon helps watch Devon a lot while I work.
And Dave is well, Dave. :)
Britney and I are together AT LEAST 5 out of 7 days a week.
And even when we aren't working, there are always movie nights, TV show marathons,
swimming(our new found exercise routine), not to mention traveling all over the nation (feels like anyways) together, just to name a few.
Oh, did I mention we were family too? 

But to be together, all the time, I realize most of this is by choice. Because they are there when you need them. Always around to share stories, laugh, or rant with. Always there for spontaneous movie night, or card games. Always proving that family is whats important (Daves big family breakfasts are the best.) 
You couldn't find two more opposite people than Britney and I. But I couldn't ask for a better business partner. Or more importantly, a better friend. 

So Errington family, I hope you liked your pictures. I hope they show the world just a glimpse of how special (and I really mean special.. not "special") you are. 
Love you all from the bottom of my heart.