Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner

Oh yes. You read it right. We are indeed having a giveaway. It's the first official giveaway from Saritney Photography and depending how it goes may be our deciding factor if we will have another one sometime in the future.

Our Goal: To spread the word about Saritney and offer one of our amazing fans a free session of any choice! (Weddings not included.. I know. I know. It'd be amazing. Maybe if we get to 5,000 fans we'll offer this? Hm? Inticing!)

Our deadline is Friday, July 9th, 2010. And ONE of three things could happen; depending on how many participate and are as excited about this as us!
1. We reach 200 fans by deadline and give away a free 30 minute mini-session.
2. We reach
250 fans by deadline and give away a free 1 hour session!
3. We reach
300 fans by deadline and give away a free 1-2 hour full session plus 2 free 8x10s!!! *woot woot!*

Why, Britney & Sara, however do I win one of these giveaways? You may ask.
That's a very good question. And we have tried 10 different ways of wording this to keep it simple and let you know how to win. So. After much debate and confuzion, we've decided..

Suggest fans
AND leave us a comment on our wall telling us you did (We will trust that you are telling the truth) and also tell us what kind of session you want! And we'll add you in the fish bowl! To have your name drawn! (Please, local fans only. Unless of course you'd like to pay our airfare for your free session?)

And if you'd like to be entered in the drawing twice! Leave us a comment on one of our blogs and include BRITNEY YOU ROCK at the end so we know to add it to our fish bowl. And if you'd like to be entered in the drawing thrice leave us a comment on our wall telling us which Saritney Picture is your most favoritists! :D Maximum entries per person is 3. (Wow, well, we tried to keep this simple)

Okie dokie! Those are the details! Now. Go go go!! Comment your hearts out and click clickity away! And you can trust our eyes will be glued to the computer waiting to see what we get to give away!!

And as a sneak peak of our next blog:

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Mirror, Mirror, in my hand, whose the sleepiest in the land?

Yes. Sleepiest is a word. And yes. That's how you spell it. How do I know? I used my brain...aka..Google.

Here is another TWO'fer'ONE blog! So to all my..okay okay..are we ready for this..I'm SO super excited to say this...TEN blog readers!! WOO HOO! You're (hopefully) in for a treat! And thanks to all who commented on my last blog! It makes me almost (more) excited than when we get comments on our pictures! So thanks for makin' me smile. :D

These photoshoots happened. Awhile ago. I plan to catch up on my blogging. This is what happens when a procrastinator is in charge of writing. Sooorrrry.

It was a lovely Saturday morning. I had the whole day to prepare for our photoshoots happening the next day. Charge batteries, clear memory cards, get props together, brainstorm. *ah* So peaceful the way it (was) going to work out. I was planning to sleep in! I never get to! I wasn't going to have to get up till 8 and you have no idea how happy that makes me. A little before 7..my phone..(which has the vibrater of a machine gun..so I think I'm in world war 2 every time it goes off) goes.
BUZZZZZZZ ...*winces* "no. Please. Go back to sleep britney..it's probably just facebook..leave it alone" BUZZZZZZZZZZZZ KER PLUNK PLUNK BAM (my phone fell off my nightstand)
With blurry eyes and a hand thats got that tingly needle feeling because I slept on it funny I look at my text message..it's from Sara. "oh boy"

"So. It's suppose to rain tomorrow. Let's go do Carly's shoot today! Is that okay? I'll call her."

"HELLOOO! Are you awake? Get up! It's beautiful outside! Let's go to huntsville and take Carly's pictures!"

I laugh. Sara asked me if it was okay. HA HA HA. Like I had a choice. We were going. I get out of bed after moans and groans and a kiss goodbye to my pillow and went to answer her when her star trek ring tone went off..(stay tuned to find out why her ring tone is star trek..don don donnn)


"Did I wake you? I'm sorry! Are you up? Did you get my text messages?"


"Is that okay if we go ahead and do hers? But you'll have to be over here in like 20 min because we need to leave. I can call her first though to see if it's okay. But i'm sure it should be okay. Is that okay with you?"


"hahaha come on sleepy head! It'll be fun!"

"uh huh"

So. My peaceful morning of sleeping in..ended up like so.

We spent..FOREVER to make these cute butterflies to hang from the tree! Our idea for part of Carly's Senior photoshoot was childhood meets womanhood. Mix the child like things with the more grown things in life. Marbles in a purse. So forth. We were quite proud. The whole idea came from a really cool mirror we bought at an antique mall..which we bargained down to 5 bucks! WOO HOO!
I hate crafts. B.T.W. I'm not good at it. I have no patience for it. And I get bored with it easily. But I love the finished product!

We were pretty proud. I laugh though, because the time we spent to make this? Anddd...I think I got maybe 3 pictures total that actual got them in the shot. LOL it was part of the fun! Who knows...we may be able to use them again!

Carly was so much fun to take pictures with!! It was pretty much near impossible to get a bad picture of her...so that makes our job easier!! And we took her everywhere! Big Spring Park, Downtown Huntsville area-ish, some random field in Gurley off the side of a highway. Woot woot! We like to be adventureous. Adventerous..we like adventure! :D

How I love being a rebel. Between stealing petals, oh gosh y'all..I just can't do it. I typed this already. It got deleted somehow. I don't know how. Britney is no longer a happy britney. And therefore I apologize. Let's keep some mystery involved shall we? Yes. Yes. that sounds like a great idea...oh my gosh..it deleted a really big chunk of the blog. man :( and I think some of it was funny. (to me anyways)

To sum it up. Carly, you are amazing, beautiful, and SO much fun to be with! We know your senior year and beyond will go great for you! And that you'll live your life to the full.

Cindy and Scott..y'all are awesome. (eh, Scotts, okay..Cindy we like. haha! I just kidding. Maybe. Sara said it. Not me. Mwahaha the power of blogging!) We set up to Gorhams bluff to take their pictures. Found thee perfect willow tree to set up our picnic. Big wedding going on. We tried to be inconspicious. Then I had this little conversation with myself (in the previous blog before it got deleted :( ) about how awesome that word is and if I even used it. But to sum it up we were trying to act like we weren't even there..and I'd say we did good....

(okay..this is where the blog stopped deleting itself at. Oiy. I'm going to bed)

*sigh* Moments later, Sara fell from this tree. Oh, yes, OF COURSE i took pictures, but I'm not gonna post them, bc she's got pictures of me and my big flat butt and I don't really wanna show the world those. Or..you know...you ten readers. :D Y'all.

So. This wedding that was going on? Yeah. We find out later. It was a $300,000 wedding. Yeah. Yeah! And they were shuttling in guests from Atlanta on those big gray buses! You know..the kind with like..lazy boy chairs in it and big screen tvs for everyone to personally use, and they serve steak. Yeah. They probably had the news there..and that made me laugh. How funny would that be? You see the bride and groom dancing, with their thousands of guests all around them, probably all flown in by private jets. Gold strung diamond chandeliers are hanging from everywhere. It's filled with satin, silk, egyptian cotton and whatever really expensive crap you can think of. And in the background you see two little photographers carrying around cheese, crackers in one hand, and our flip flops in the other. Falling from trees, tripping over each other as we try to hang our amazing chandelier we stole from Michelle (she let us borrow it because she's AMAZING) from the branches. I hope we made the news.

These two kept making me laugh so much! We'd have to take 3 pictures of every pose. In the 1st picture we knew Scott's eyes would be closed, in the 2nd we knew Cindy's eyes would be closed, but we knew the 3rd would be the exact picture we wanted. No joke. I have about 15 pictures that turned out like that! It was priceless! I think they practiced at home how to blink not in sync to give us a challenge for the day! haha!

Between the bright colors, the guitar music, the cheese, crackers, and wine, the laughing and talking, scott and cindy picking on each other, and talking to the towns ppl to find out the latest gossip about the big shot wedding, it was pretty much a really perfect shoot!
Happy Anniversary Y'all!!

Okay okay. We ready for this?

"WE GOT THIS (y'all)"

(as a side..nope..as an end note. I was just informed by Sara to never use the word y'all again. SO. You will be seeing the word Y'all ALOT more in future blogs. For my northern blog readers...for future reference..y'all is the combination for the words you and all. Y'all usually refers to one person sometimes a group.)

Friday, June 4, 2010

The Name of My Muse is Alejandro

Don don donnnnn! Finally! A blog! *le gasp* I’d like to start off by thanking my now…FIVE blog readers! For stickin’ with me and reading my ramblings. Soo..here’s my shout out to you! (if you’d like to be added to my special shout out list, you should tell me you read my blog. It’d make me super happy…I’m just saying.)

Okay. So I’m officially excited, bc I titled this blog, and then told Sara about it. And asked her if she got it. And she did. It’s like..we know what each other’s thinking! Its almost like..we spend WAYYYYYY too much time together. Would you like me to explain the title to you? No? Great! I will anyways! Every time before a wedding shoot, to ease the nerves, me and Sara play Muse. Specifically one of their songs. I don’t know the title..but it uses lovely words to sing (specially before a sweet wedding) such as: “MURDER IT! Won’t let you SMOTHER IT! Won’t let you BURRYYY IT!!!!” And we screamed our little hearts out. Dancing and driving in the rain (I can multi-task) and it really did ease the nerves. And then at the end of the night, we had a nice discussion (while eating at Sonic) about that stupid song that talks about Ale Ale jandro. Ale Alejandro. Roberttooo. What’s with the random names? Hm? I’m gonna make my own song.. Bob bob Bobbb Bob Bob Bobbb Timmmmyyyy. Yeah. Be. Jealous. Anywhos.

So you got to read my blog about Callie and Tyler’s engagement..now you get to read about their wedding day and thee..behind the scenes events! And oh my! What a day! It was such a learning experience for us two and we had bunches of fun!

(Also, let’s just know that from now on, my blogs will be long. I’m done apologizing for having too much to say. It’s part of life. The clouds don’t come and apologize every time they bring rain..and ya know what. Some of us like rain.)

Paragraphs are awesome.

There was a lot of preparation for this wedding! Oh yeah..for the bride too..sure sure, I guess there was a litttttle bit of planning (haha, are you rolling your eyes at this part Callie? *winks*) and it just seemed like nothing would work out for me and Sara. Okay..I say nothing. I mean a few things. Okay. I mean one.

Cotton Candy Bubblegum.

Did you know it’s a very hard thing to find? Yeah..Bubble Yum bubble gum is super hard to find in Scottsboro, Ft Payne, and all the places in between. We had a vision. Bride and her friends with bubble gum..all blowing bubbles. The guys with blue gum (cotton candy) and the gals with pink bubble gum! So. Day before the wedding. (Perfect time to get things together…NOT.) We go into two diff walmarts, a Walgreens, a rite aid, and a few gas stations. Cotton Candy Bubble Yum…DOES NOT EXIST! So please. If you or your family know where my cotton candy bubble gum is. Please contact me at..my number.


How do you and Sara come up with some of your ideas? Oh why. Funny you should ask. We try to brainstorm ideas for different props, different poses, different spots. We try not to use the same place or things twice. (Not yet anyways..not to say we never will. We will. Some things are too cute, ya know?) Well..as we were scoping out the place where we would be taking Callie and Tyler’s pictures we found the perfect spot. In the middle of the road. The town was just too neat. The whole idea of a bride, dress flowing in the wind, groom closely by her side, dramatic lights in the background. Our only problem? This thing called…traffic. I laughed and said…all we need is to hold our hand up and scream “Stop in the name of Love!” and ppl would SO stop for us. Then. I saw it. Sara’s eyes got realllly big! And her voice does this cute little squeaky thing when she gets excited. And she said. “We SO should! How Awesome would that be Britney?! We need to make a sign! And we can have them holding it off to the side. Real dramatic like. Oh my gosh! Britney! That’s it! We need to make a stop sign that says that!”

So. We made it.

Yeah. Sara didn’t think it was appropriate for us to put just “Stop Love.” Sooo we decided to add the “in the name of” in the middle..last minute decision right there (It’s a joke. Ha. I’m kidding. I promise :D )

ALLL that time we spent on the sign. And Sara (not me of course) made the mistake to have me carry the sign in the trunk of my car. If you know me. You know that’s not a good thing. I carry everything you shouldn’t in my trunk. Anyways. Needless to say, I spilt bleach on the sign and ruined it. Le sigh. It gives it a vintage look to it tho..kinda. sorta. Not really. Poo.

So. For anyone that doesn’t know me. I’m a klutz. Not graceful. And very clumsy. And I tend to be like that while I’m taking pictures. Standing in the middle of the theater. Waiting on the bride and groom to make their big entrance (And on batteries for my dead flash..that was a panicking moment. B.T.W. almost missed the shot..yeah. THAT was lovely. Parents came just in time though with a fresh packet for me. *Yay*). Oh. No. Wait. This was after they came. Ahh..this was when I was taking family pictures. Anyways. People are all around. I’m supposed to be professional. Look like I know what I’m doing. Be composed and together. I move my tripod, my camera wiggles and squirms..and BAM CRASH KACRUNCH! Strobe fell off the camera. Landed on the ground. My heart fell into my toes. If only I had spidey like reflexes. Quickly picked it up. Laughed like I meant to do that. Said a prayer. Sighed relief. It still works. *PHEW*

I think my favorite part of the wedding that day. Were the tornado sirens going off.Yes. That’s right. While most of you (in the dekalb/Jackson counties) were hiding in basements and storm shelters. Sara, Me, Callie, Tyler, and our Stop sign, were standing in the middle of the road. People screaming at us. “Get inside! Those are tornado warnings!!” While we’re screaming at them..”Get inside!! You’re in our way!!!” Frank..our favorite person for the day! (He helped with EVERYTHING!) is dubbed our hero for this wedding. (If you remember, for Maretta & John’s wedding, it was the lady in red.) Why was Frank our hero? He stopped traffic for us. And not just any traffic. He stepped in front of a police car, and got us to the middle of our street to accomplish our vision! We felt so cool, I want you to know. Walking and waving to Mr. Officer as we carried our cameras proudly in the rain and ignored the sirens going off.

SO worth it though! These were our favorite pictures!

The night ended perfectly! We said our goodbyes. I got to go home with a HUGE thing of Mayo. And as we pulled into Sonic and we ordered hamburgers, those pickle crispy thingys, and Dr Pepper, who did we see pull in? Tyler and Callie! The happy officially married couple! It was nice to see the happy smiles and hear the wedding went exactly like they hoped and that they had so much fun! Thank you again you two for letting us be a part of your special day! We hope you love your pictures! And look forward to doing 50 year anniversary pictures for you two (no obligation or anything *winks*)