Monday, February 28, 2011

Behind the Lens--Ashley & Izaak

You get to read the facebook status “About to go take pictures!! Yay!” (or something like that.) Then you get to see the teaser (Bow chicka wow! What a gorgeous couple!). Then some time goes by. And we show you the full album! (Those poor souls, put up with Saritney so well!!) It’s only fair, we believe, to let you come behind the lens. It’s always an adventure! And I have this problem. You see, ANYTIME something makes me laugh. (And I mean, anything. Really. Today I saw the construction crew had done a terrible job of repaving the road, and it made me laugh) I feel this compelling urge to text someone. But, as you can tell, from above statement. It’s not always funny. You didn’t even laugh, I know!

For this story we're going to go to Thursday night. As most were probably hiding in their storm shelters. Winds picked up. Rain poured down. It was not looking too good for our early Friday morning shoot. We asked everyone to do their "it's not allowed to rain, and tornadoes are no good either" dance..and it worked!
Certain plans were made Thursday night (not by me, I'd like to inform you.) to treat Sara to a lunch at a place called Pickle Barrel.

And wouldn't you know? Friday morning, as I checked Chattanooga weather website. One restaurant had gotten damage by strong winds the night before and was closed. What place was that? Pickle Barrel. Oh irony. How I love thee!
Friday morning was a gorgeous drive up to Chattanooga. The sun was out, the clouds were all fierce & dramatic looking, and it was not too cold and not too hot. And then, came time for the session. The sun went away. The wind picked up. And the temperature dropped. It's like the weather was flirting with us and playing hard to get.
But Ashley & Izaak were real troopers!! Not only did they put up with the weather,
but they also put up with those two faces up there.....^^^

I'm sharing this next image. Because Sara amuzes me, sometimes in ways she doesn't know. One of my favorite things in Chattanooga is the glass bridge. (No, it's not made out of glass.) ....( No, it's not even called that officially.) But its awesome, you walk across the highway and can see things below you. I walk slowly looking down, waiting to watch cars drive directly under my feet....Sara...well..she does this.....

And shouts back at us "Why aren't you scared?!?!" as she scurries to the other side.

Now, we realize we can't expect the world to revolve around us and our clients as it's their time to shine and be gorgeous and amazing in every single way. But, we do ask to at least notice we are there. And not in that stand back "oh wow, that's like the coolest thing I've ever seen since mayo was invented!" kind of way. But in the..."hey, yeah, we have our couple sitting down in the middle of the bridge, we'd appreciate it if you wouldn't run his fingers over, we don't have time to go to the emergency room and blood wouldn't make for good pictures" kind of way. (its very difficult to say this in one breath..)

Izaak, no worries, if he would've run over your fingers, we are absolutely positive Ashley would've still loved you! Anddd that Me & Sara would've gone running, to chase him down. Which, would've been a funny sight. And wow, actually, kind of embarrassing probably. Well! We're sure glad he didn't!! :D

Dear Britney's Chiropractor,
You keep asking what is it that I do that makes me a "crooked mess" and why it is I keep making things worse for my twisted up spine & neck. I can assure you, I really don't know what it is!
Sincerely, Determined to get the shot.

We had such a great time with these two! And loved that we got to take pictures at places they held dear in their heart. Where he proposed, their first date, their first kiss. All special moments. And they never once looked cold in any of their pictures. Amazing!

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Bare Foot Summer

This week on i heart faces is head, shoulders, knees and toes theme! Go check out all the other amazing entries! :)

Bare feet hit the ground. Summer's air kissed her face. Sunshine combed her hair. All she wanted was to run with the horses. Filled with spunk and life, she'd take down any boy in town. But her nails are still painted pink.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Momma Always Told Me--{Britney's Ramblings}

Momma always told me “To get something, you need to give something in return.” …well..Actually, she was always telling me, “Britney, stop gagging, it’s just oatmeal.” And “You can’t just pick out the meat and put all the vegetables back in the stew” (just told me this last month) And “Don’t pet the sweaty things.” (or don't sweat the petty..i don't know. Something like that)

But it’s so much easier to share something when you know that person will care. Isn’t that true? Who wants to share and give their Oreo’s to someone who hates sweets and won’t take the time to truly appreciate the creamy stuffing-ness and the chocolate cookie-ness. Won’t enjoy the little taste of Paradise with every bite.

Okay, Britney, what’s your point?

We know that when we are there. With you and your family. Or with you and your future husband to be. Or trying to capture those rare peaceful moments between your toddler running and dashing! You are letting us into a portion of your life. You let us learn about you. What you like. What you don’t like. We get to spend our first moments together during what some tend to feel as a stressful time for them, “Picture taking Day”! But we want to relieve that pressure from you.

We’re asking you to share with us your personal moments.

We want you to feel comfortable to laugh and love. Kiss and hug. Jump and shout. Be crazy, serious, sexy, (yes, I said it) and outrageous! But you can only feel free to do this when you’re photographer is your friend. Not a stranger. So, how then, were you able to do this? You didn’t mind making the silly faces, kissy faces, serious faces, and smiling faces?

Because you’ve read our blog.

You see what we have in common. You see how I happen to HATE non-stuffed Oreos. Have a fetish for toes. Love silly moments. And laugh more at my own jokes than anyone else.
You’ll get to know Sara. Her love for her family. Her appreciation for life’s wonderful details, the rest of us seem to miss. Her ability to persuade others (it comes in handy when we need to enter private property for a session) and love for what she thinks is sweet (really, it's sour) candy.

So. If we promise to share a part of us (without being too boring) with you, will you please share your non-
cheesy smiles, true biz, wonderful, beautiful selves with us & our cameras?

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Dandelion Wishes (Personal)

Her hazel eyes squeezed tight shut. She repeated over and over again her only wish in the world. She crossed her fingers, toes, and eyes. Then, gently..let the wind carry her breath across the flower’s seeds. Quickly, she opened her eyes, hoping to see a bare, empty dandelion. To her excitement, it was just the stem she held in her hand. Surely, this must mean her wish would come true.

Well, months turned into years. And each spring brought new Dandelions that carried the same old wish on them. The little girl began to grow taller and older. And her innocent hopefulness turned into a silly routine every time she picked one of those white puffy flowers.
She grew wiser which replaced her wishful thinking. And learned realism, that replaced daydreaming.
Until one day, someone dear, showed her. Dandelion Wishes, Can come true....

Monday, February 14, 2011

Fight Heart Disease

This week at iheartfaces their challenge was "Red" : to raise awareness of Heart Disease in young and old women alike. (Yeah, I thought it was an old man disease too...)
To read more information on it check out the website:
And in the meantime, why don't you enter your own "Red" picture for the challenge!

As a side note, I feel I should say, I look totally awesome...when I'm BEHIND the camera :)
As a side side note, I feel I should also say, it's really hard clicking the button with boxing gloves on.
Oh my, and as a side note of the first side not, I feel I should say, I am a girl, despite looking like a guy in this picture.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Rays of Sunshine

There comes a time, when you just meet a family, who truly is beautiful inside & out. And we'd have to say this family met that exactly. With this nasty weather we've been having, it was definitely nice to have the warm sunshine out to match the lovely personalities of mom, dad, and kids. *smiles* Thank you so much Hernandez Family for giving us the opportunity to meet you! And happy 10 year Anniversary! :D We wish you many more to come! *much love*

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Keep Love in Your Heart, A Smile on Your Face

This week on iheartfaces the challenge was to include "Hearts" D'aww! And when we came across this picture, we just knew we had to enter it!

"The love of a family is life's greatest blessing"