Thursday, February 17, 2011

Dandelion Wishes (Personal)

Her hazel eyes squeezed tight shut. She repeated over and over again her only wish in the world. She crossed her fingers, toes, and eyes. Then, gently..let the wind carry her breath across the flower’s seeds. Quickly, she opened her eyes, hoping to see a bare, empty dandelion. To her excitement, it was just the stem she held in her hand. Surely, this must mean her wish would come true.

Well, months turned into years. And each spring brought new Dandelions that carried the same old wish on them. The little girl began to grow taller and older. And her innocent hopefulness turned into a silly routine every time she picked one of those white puffy flowers.
She grew wiser which replaced her wishful thinking. And learned realism, that replaced daydreaming.
Until one day, someone dear, showed her. Dandelion Wishes, Can come true....


  1. My my. This is so touching. Thanks.....

  2. Britney! This actually brought tears to my eyes!! STOP THAT!!!! Now, can you do that wish again but for a million dollars!! :D

  3. I love it! Now everytime I see a dandelion this spring, I will think of you and your dream come true.