Thursday, February 24, 2011

Momma Always Told Me--{Britney's Ramblings}

Momma always told me “To get something, you need to give something in return.” …well..Actually, she was always telling me, “Britney, stop gagging, it’s just oatmeal.” And “You can’t just pick out the meat and put all the vegetables back in the stew” (just told me this last month) And “Don’t pet the sweaty things.” (or don't sweat the petty..i don't know. Something like that)

But it’s so much easier to share something when you know that person will care. Isn’t that true? Who wants to share and give their Oreo’s to someone who hates sweets and won’t take the time to truly appreciate the creamy stuffing-ness and the chocolate cookie-ness. Won’t enjoy the little taste of Paradise with every bite.

Okay, Britney, what’s your point?

We know that when we are there. With you and your family. Or with you and your future husband to be. Or trying to capture those rare peaceful moments between your toddler running and dashing! You are letting us into a portion of your life. You let us learn about you. What you like. What you don’t like. We get to spend our first moments together during what some tend to feel as a stressful time for them, “Picture taking Day”! But we want to relieve that pressure from you.

We’re asking you to share with us your personal moments.

We want you to feel comfortable to laugh and love. Kiss and hug. Jump and shout. Be crazy, serious, sexy, (yes, I said it) and outrageous! But you can only feel free to do this when you’re photographer is your friend. Not a stranger. So, how then, were you able to do this? You didn’t mind making the silly faces, kissy faces, serious faces, and smiling faces?

Because you’ve read our blog.

You see what we have in common. You see how I happen to HATE non-stuffed Oreos. Have a fetish for toes. Love silly moments. And laugh more at my own jokes than anyone else.
You’ll get to know Sara. Her love for her family. Her appreciation for life’s wonderful details, the rest of us seem to miss. Her ability to persuade others (it comes in handy when we need to enter private property for a session) and love for what she thinks is sweet (really, it's sour) candy.

So. If we promise to share a part of us (without being too boring) with you, will you please share your non-
cheesy smiles, true biz, wonderful, beautiful selves with us & our cameras?


  1. Love that picture! That oreo looks like the best oreo ever!! Can't wait to meet you guys officially and have our pictures done!! *excitement!* :-)


  2. Britney I love you and your way with words! Oh, and if I didn't know you already, this post would DEFINITELY convince me to book a shoot with you and get to know you guys. Love you and keep up the awesome work! :D


    P.S. Now I'm craving Oreo's and milk. haha

  3. I agree with all you said. In a impersonal world it is good to know folks still care about the small stuff. (namely oreos) And i to agree that if i didn't know a few things about you this blog helps me gain another piece to the awesome puzzle of Saritney Photography. Thanks DB....

  4. You make me smile! I am loving your photos. Wouldn't it be nice if they sold oreos with this much stuffing at the store?!