Tuesday, May 17, 2011

4.27.11 {Life's Tidbits}

A day we will always remember. Especially here in Alabama. A day of fear, sadness, and destruction. Everyone has their own stories. Stories of sitting in front of the TV watching one tornado after another rip through the state. Hoping and Praying your family is safe, because the phones aren't working and you cant reach them. Running in and out of the tornado shelter, watching the sky swirl and turn green, knowing there is a tornado right down the road. And then the power goes out. Feeling cut off from the world and worrying about not having enough food or water. And then the images start coming, images of entire communities gone. People losing everything, and sometimes everyone, they care about. This is a day that will go down in history.
One such family that lost a lot was Ashley and Stan. We were supposed to do their engagement pictures the next day, but they had two tornadoes hit Ashley's house. Over 80 trees fell, many directly on their house. We postponed the session, and were even considering moving it. But then Ashley said, Lets keep it at the farm. It wil make one memorable shoot! And so we did, and it did. I think this picture below speaks volumes. That even with all the pain and destruction that happened. Life will go on... Love will go on. And we will rebuild and heal. And we will become better people because of it. ~Sara