Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Week 9 - Flash

Can't breathe,
darkness all around,
no hope,
heavy aching heart,
this will never end.
Then it comes,
is it real?
Yes, its the light at the end of the tunnel.
Everything will be ok.

Wants to be cool like Sara
So maybe I'll wear a tiara.
Why doesn't anything non-lame
rhyme with my name?
Looks like Sara is the Poet
and Britney......isn't.

Let's be honest shall we?
It's been one of those weeks.
Tax-paying, life changing, life planning
kind of weeks.
It's been exhausting.
There have been tears of laughter
and well stressful tears too.
We each do it.
Look in the mirror, and see the scary looking, tired eyed person staring back.
But just when you think you're worn out, ready to give up.
Look for that spark, and know....
there is probably Oreos close by.
Everything will be okay.

Make sure to check out our friend Kims post, http://kimhillphotography.com/blog/

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Week 8- Day in the Life

Make sure to check out our friend Kims post, http://kimhillphotography.com/blog/


I had big ideas for this weeks theme! But then... it was Monday, the pictures were due Tuesday, and it was my last chance to get the pictures. Where do the weeks go?! And now... here it is Wednesday! And we are late posting.... sigh.... maybe one day I will be more on top of things. So here is my Monday, try not to fall asleep... ;) (*Disclaimer.. Most of these were taken with my phone, as I forgot my camera.. on top of things I tell ya!*)

This is how most every day starts... I wake up to a munchkin in my bed and at least 3-5 stuffed animals. He has gotten pretty good at sneaking in our bed without us even noticing.

Next on the agenda is normally taking care of business. Editing, Emailing, Paying Bills and of course... Facebooking. 

This is a sight I see all to often, we are always in the car, always going somewhere. Devon is quite the traveler. Todays trip was to the doctor. Again. 

Traveling necessities, a good game, and a crispy chicken sandwich from Wendys, minus lettuce of course.

Here my three favorite kids in the world. After the doctor we got to go play with the cousins. Equipped with new bubbles, they had quite a fun time.

Abby, who is 6 now(!!!!!!), and the only one who can actually read, is entertaining.

 Home again, and bath time before bed. Devon love to play with random toys in the tub, I spy a hamburger basket he suckered out of the woman at Paynes, a shovel, a fishing pole and a mickey mouse cup.

Brush, Brush, Brush. (I had to threaten bribe Devon in each of these pictures, as he does not like having his picture taken as of late.)

My world. Daddy gets home from work and the rest of the night is Daddy and Devon time. Daddy is Devons favorite at the moment. He can do anything, fix anything, and comes up with the coolest ideas ever!! (Devons words...) He told Kyle the other night, "We are going to rock this Daddy!!"

If he does let me take his picture... this is the face I normally get....


I just want you to know.....you can't judge me by these pictures. Well..you can. But I promise I'm much cooler in person. No...actually. I can't make that promise. I'm definitely not.

It was like any ordinary Friday....start my morning routine of dancing around the kitchen and laundry room. Try not to be too jealous of my crazy dance moves ;)

After my hard core dancing, I have a bowl of Awesome.

And check facebook (of course) and see what all my adoring fans have to say...

(If you didn't laugh at this....we can't be friends....) Also, I always check to see if Jasmine Star (one of my all time favorite photographers in thee world, you need to follow her on facebook, if you don't already!) has updated on her blog.

Then it's on to the day of responding to emails, making to-do lists, editing pictures, watching disney movies, blogging, researching, pintersting, texting sara 100 times and checking facebook...more than needed.
 Then it's time for lunch, and I don't want to brag or anything, but I know my
way around the microwave.. ;) All this while of course jamming to my Pandora station :D

Does this song make anyone else happy?!

Off to make errands, whether it was to the post office, the bank, or Sara's house, I don't remember.

 Not that I ever speed while I drive, but if I ever did, this is the face I would probably make when I think I see a police car........

Then comes the daily ritual of procrastinating :D I've done it every day for yeeaaaarrss...today I decided to go outside since it was GORGEOUS. I'm loving this winter so far ;)

Oh Roxy, Roxy, the most stubborn horse I know. She refused to get her picture taken with me.

Before I knew it, time got away from me, and dinner time had passed, and I hadn't taken any pictures...let's just assume this part of the day was boring up until this point....

Cookie Time!! I hate that they have to go into the stove...I just like the cookie dough. It's...wait for it.....the bombdiggity!

And after a relaxing evening with friends, it's time for my midnight snack......(told you breakfast was the only time of the day I ate healthy *winks* )

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Week 7- Play

So for Week 7 we got to decide the theme. We chose the theme "Play". Here are our interpretations of the word! :) Be sure to check out our friend Kim's blog too!! It's very important you do this!! http://kimhillphotography.com/blog/

I hear, "Mommy, lets play!" about a million times a day. And I try to stop what Im doing and play for a little bit. But as adults we seem to forget to just stop.... and play. When did we forget this? When did we become "to old". It comes so naturally to a kid, its all they do. But let me ask you, when is the last time you have been on a swing set, or gone down the slide. When is the last time you made something with playdoh or colored a picture? When is the last time you just stopped.
Completely stopped. 
And just enjoyed something that as a child you loved, but have since forgotten.
The simple joys of life.
Its my goal in life, to slow down, stop every once in awhile, and just simply


Ah yes. My sister made a wonderful model for me today. I couldn't be more happier than for her to glare at me like she did here!

What you see,
a doll.
Boy or girl?
You are not sure.
Let's just call it how we see it,
you see a creepy, freaky looking doll.

What I see,
My beloved doll.
Tear stains from nights I cried to her my problems.
I laugh as I type this, but..Eyes that saw exactly what I saw.
She is beautiful.
She is mine.

You notice how we are taught to judge things? It doesn't come at birth. We learn it with life. We learn to size people up and put them in a category, good or bad, the minute we look at them.
But how is it a child's favorite toy always ends up looking something like...well..like Maggie does.
I loved her for who she was, not for what she looked like.
She was my companion, my side-kick. She listened to every word I said, my consistent traveling buddy.
Even if she did have no eyes, no clothes, stains, and baby powder forever stuck up her nose.

My goal is to be like 5 year old Britney forever.
Try and find the Maggie in everyone.
And to always eat candy, sing made up songs, and practice crying in front of the mirror.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Bethany & John Engagement

They stood on ledges. Over dangerous grounds.
They nearly died. Saw their life flash before their eyes.
They joined our grafitti chalk gang.
Bethany & John lead a dangerous life.

That was supposed to sound like the beginning of a suspense movie, did I do it?

We could not have asked for a better couple to start our 2012 year off with!
These two were so down to earth, so easy going, so much fun.
They loved to laugh. They loved to love.
And we loved being with them.
Taking pictures was more like spending the afternoon with two long lost friends.
Bethany & John, it is clearly seen how much you two love each other.
You go together like cracker jacks and baseball. 

 Minutes after we all almost died....not to be over dramatic or anything....
 We used mod podge for the first time on this suitcase, and Bethany & John could back this up....we were reaalllly quite proud of it....

 Seriously, does it get any cooler than these two??! No. The answer is No. It does not.

 Those eyes!! She is soo fierce! And you know it's true!

Some Behind the Scenes:

 Sara has a fear of going to jail. Whether she wanted this admitted to the public or not, we will find out if she deletes this sentence when reviewing the blog. ..........and we're good. ;) So, since obviously, drawing hearts with chalk and the side of abandoned buildings is worth going to jail...we had to wash them off...
 ....which we learned soon enough..baby wipes were NOT the answer.....thankfully...John had water...it was a Sunday afternoon miracle!
 We had just started walking down the tracks..after a few comments were made about "let's try not to die today" and "is this a working train track?" when in the near distance saw lights perk around the corner. There was much yelling of "RUN! GET OFF THE TRACKS!" and safely made it away. We all nearly died. (Yes, I like to exaggerate a little..but dramatic effect is very important for a blog)

.....totally saw this a few minutes too late.