Thursday, February 9, 2012

Bethany & John Engagement

They stood on ledges. Over dangerous grounds.
They nearly died. Saw their life flash before their eyes.
They joined our grafitti chalk gang.
Bethany & John lead a dangerous life.

That was supposed to sound like the beginning of a suspense movie, did I do it?

We could not have asked for a better couple to start our 2012 year off with!
These two were so down to earth, so easy going, so much fun.
They loved to laugh. They loved to love.
And we loved being with them.
Taking pictures was more like spending the afternoon with two long lost friends.
Bethany & John, it is clearly seen how much you two love each other.
You go together like cracker jacks and baseball. 

 Minutes after we all almost died....not to be over dramatic or anything....
 We used mod podge for the first time on this suitcase, and Bethany & John could back this up....we were reaalllly quite proud of it....

 Seriously, does it get any cooler than these two??! No. The answer is No. It does not.

 Those eyes!! She is soo fierce! And you know it's true!

Some Behind the Scenes:

 Sara has a fear of going to jail. Whether she wanted this admitted to the public or not, we will find out if she deletes this sentence when reviewing the blog. ..........and we're good. ;) So, since obviously, drawing hearts with chalk and the side of abandoned buildings is worth going to jail...we had to wash them off...
 ....which we learned soon wipes were NOT the answer.....thankfully...John had was a Sunday afternoon miracle!
 We had just started walking down the tracks..after a few comments were made about "let's try not to die today" and "is this a working train track?" when in the near distance saw lights perk around the corner. There was much yelling of "RUN! GET OFF THE TRACKS!" and safely made it away. We all nearly died. (Yes, I like to exaggerate a little..but dramatic effect is very important for a blog)

.....totally saw this a few minutes too late.


  1. Great Pictures. Beautiful couple. Awesome blogging. Would love to see more behind the scenes stuff w/ every photo shoot.

  2. I totally agree with Sharon, loved the behind the scenes stuff too! I always try to imagine what ya'll must look like trying to take some of these pics! My imagination can only run wild for so long before it gets please!