Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Week 7- Play

So for Week 7 we got to decide the theme. We chose the theme "Play". Here are our interpretations of the word! :) Be sure to check out our friend Kim's blog too!! It's very important you do this!! http://kimhillphotography.com/blog/

I hear, "Mommy, lets play!" about a million times a day. And I try to stop what Im doing and play for a little bit. But as adults we seem to forget to just stop.... and play. When did we forget this? When did we become "to old". It comes so naturally to a kid, its all they do. But let me ask you, when is the last time you have been on a swing set, or gone down the slide. When is the last time you made something with playdoh or colored a picture? When is the last time you just stopped.
Completely stopped. 
And just enjoyed something that as a child you loved, but have since forgotten.
The simple joys of life.
Its my goal in life, to slow down, stop every once in awhile, and just simply


Ah yes. My sister made a wonderful model for me today. I couldn't be more happier than for her to glare at me like she did here!

What you see,
a doll.
Boy or girl?
You are not sure.
Let's just call it how we see it,
you see a creepy, freaky looking doll.

What I see,
My beloved doll.
Tear stains from nights I cried to her my problems.
I laugh as I type this, but..Eyes that saw exactly what I saw.
She is beautiful.
She is mine.

You notice how we are taught to judge things? It doesn't come at birth. We learn it with life. We learn to size people up and put them in a category, good or bad, the minute we look at them.
But how is it a child's favorite toy always ends up looking something like...well..like Maggie does.
I loved her for who she was, not for what she looked like.
She was my companion, my side-kick. She listened to every word I said, my consistent traveling buddy.
Even if she did have no eyes, no clothes, stains, and baby powder forever stuck up her nose.

My goal is to be like 5 year old Britney forever.
Try and find the Maggie in everyone.
And to always eat candy, sing made up songs, and practice crying in front of the mirror.


  1. I agree w/ you Sara We do need to stop & PLAY every once in awhile if not every day. It will make those "adult" problems seem not so stressful.
    And Britney, I was there when you cried & told Maggie your "problems". I was glad you had her. What's ironic about this picture is when Brooke was a baby Maggie scared her to death! She wouldn't hold her b/c she had no eyes. She shouldn't have judged Maggie like that.

  2. Hey girls! Your interpretations of the themes are so thoughtful :) a great quality for a photographer :)! Can't wait to see what a day in the life of you two is like!