Monday, January 31, 2011

Keep Your Eyes on the Stars, Your Feet on the Ground

This week on iheartfaces we are to pick our best picture from January 2011. Normally we would pick that sweet smile a Bride gives her man. Or the spaghetti covered face of a cute two year old. But I thought it only fair to share one of my favorite pictures of Sara. :D

Without you there's no way we could be Saritney. (Partly, because Itney Photography just sounds silly.) But you help me be creative and have confidence in what we do! Here's to another exciting year filled with adventure! :D

"The eye sees a thing more clearly in dreams than the imagination awake.”

Sunday, January 23, 2011

"Baby Blues"

"Your baby blues,
so full of wonder,
your curly q's
your contagious smile..."

I wish all your dreams to come true,
I wish for your life to be full of happiness,
I wish for you to grow strong and courageous,
I wish for you a better world,
and most of all I wish for you to always keep that look in your eyes....

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Behind the Lens--Aarika & Jon

12:54pm Friday -- Sara informs me we are leaving at 10 Saturday morning. I laugh because I know she will begin to think about this more tonight and the time will change. Last minute of course.

7:33am Saturday -- Sara calls to inform me we are leaving at 9:30. She did indeed think about it during the night and worried we wouldn't be leaving early enough.

8:38am -- memory cards...check. Batteries...check. Props..check. Tripod..check. I have everything...what am I missing? ............heh. Camera. Check. ( yes I did almost forget my camera..don't hate.)

9:10am-- let dog out.

9:14am-- call for dog.

9:14 1/2am-- dog doesn't come.

9:16am-- I realize I can't find the dog. Call Sara in frantic..warn her I will be late.
I can now picture the whole day. Dog goes missing to never return. We are late for get crammed into now small amount of time because I lost the dog. Everyone's day is ruined.

9:17 am-- dog is at front door.

9:37am-- am now with Sara and we are making a cough drop, alka setzer, juice run at Walmart. Why you ask? Oh immune system decided this was a good week to not work.

9:46-11:58am-- many humorous conversations between me and Sara which we cannot mention without our lawyer present. One of these about her getting pulled over by a cop this morning though. I just feel compelled that everyone should know about this.

10:48am-- gave a jerk driver the stank eye.

10:58am-- go to Mcds to order lunch. The lady in the speaker box says we aren't serving lunch for a couple minutes. ......really? .....we wait.

11:00 am-- we can now order lunch.

11:34am-- I am singing into my toilet paper roll to Sara.

11:35am-- Sara changes the station.

11:49am-- turned left on a mountain road where we couldn't see on coming traffic. Screamed a lot. We survived.

11:58am-- I got stuck in the grocery stores bathroom stall and Sara ditched me...I coulda been in there forever...........

4:46pm-- in car on way to reception. Rehashing the day so far...looking at just a few pictures and ooing over the creaminess of them and how cute of a couple aarika and Jon are!

7:38pm-- took what Sara called a shortcut to get to the car so I could grab some stuff. Ended up being the really long way and I got lost in the parking lot.

7:43--documented certain unnamed people "decorate" bride and grooms car. Classic line from this moment "we have sugar, cake, and soap...let's go!"

8:04pm-- said our goodbyes gave everyone hugs...I loudly shouted "don't forget the cake!" to Sara on the way out...once again proving I have a loudmouth.

8:15pm-- on our way home. My shoes are off smelling like death wrapped in vinegar garbage. Let's hope Sara has enough oxygen in this car so she can drive us home safely.

8:50-9:03pm-- me and Sara are screaming and dancing while some idiot tailgates us the whole time.

9:04pm-- that idiot passes us....he is a police car under cover.

9:06pm-- due to our mad rapping skillz we now nave ghetto names. You are to refer to us as Dirty Bit and Swaager.

Aarika & Jon,
two of thee sweetest people you will ever meet.
So sweet they'll give you cavities. don't mind them sticking around.
Hmm..maybe that wasn't a good comparison.
They were our first wedding of the year, and we couldn't have been more thankful.
You two were perfect!
We know you will be together forever :D

Tuesday, January 11, 2011


This week on iheartfaces they are having a contest to feature "Smile"
And I have to say, this little girl was the first one we thought of.
I can still hear her shriek "Babboooon!!" when she found it!

It's pictures like these that remind me sometimes we need to:
stop and smell the flowers.
Not be so hard to please.
Appreciate the little moments in life.
Not be scared to show our enthusiasm.
and remember it's okay to scream like a little girl when we get all excited.

Why can't snow be sugar, it just rain, and melt away?

“The snow is ruining my life” she said, a little over-dramatically. She stomped around the house and in that child like way let gravity pull her down face first into her bed. “My life is over.” She mumbled to herself again. She sighed a heavy sigh. One filled with disappointment, pessimism, and utter disbelief. It felt like her child-like dreams were taken from her to be locked away forever. As if someone told her there was no such thing as happiness in the world anymore. Over dramatic you ask? Maybe. But this was serious.

So what did she decide to do?


And here I am. On fire with the idea that I have found something to write about. Be nice if I could bottle that fire and melt the devil’s ice powder that has prevented my childhood friend from coming to visit me. And that’s why the snow is ruining my life.

There are times when you just want to be with the people who are part of your childhood. The ones you played doll house with, and “by pretended” you were orphans running away from the evil overlord of the home. The ones you’d play Nintendo into the wee hours of the morning with. The ones you’d listen to them talk about how much their braces hurt. The ones you watched graduate and tell them how you never thought you’d see the day. The ones you see go into their early adulthood life. And how even though you’re 600 cold icy miles apart, you still know what’s going on in their life. …even if she never DOES reply back to my text messages.

So here is to the people in our life. That have always been there and who we know always will be.

And who we plan to go kidnap despite the icy road conditions.

Monday, January 10, 2011

New Bloggity Blog, New Year

Wow. I’m feeling all dramatic and stuff right now. I just finished watching Hunchback of Notre Dame, and you know how Disney movies can do that to you.
I blame the background music.

And we’re back!

It’s a brand new year! Can’t believe it’s already 2011! And we are pretty sure it’s going to be one crazy year. Let’s just go ahead and say it. It’ll have its ups, downs, good and bad times. Just like any other year. But this year, to set it apart from all other years, we’re going to do something crazy.

Don’t ask me what it is. I don’t know either.

We just going to have to keep living the year out and see what happens!

You may notice a few changes around Saritney Photography.

Now that we are officially one year old, we are finally learning how to walk. Sure we waddle and are a little tipsy topsy and have many bruises to show for our clumsy moments, but we’re progressing! :D
Oh! How exciting will it be when we learn how to run!

Was that weird that I just compared our photography to a wobbly two year old? Sure hope not.

One of the changes you will see.

Is more of me!

Technically, it’s more of “us” but that didn’t rhyme with “see” and well, that would’ve just been ridiculous.

We plan to keep you updated more on “Behind the Lens” all the mishaps that happen, the preparation involved, and our crazy adventures while on our photoshoots. Along with some special really super cool random blogs. Is there anything you’d like to read about in a blog? What would be some pretty rad things. Things that if you saw a blog was written about you’d say, “Now hey! That’s something I need to read about now! I must drop everything and read it! I can’t live another moment in my life happy until I read that Saritney Blog!”

And I’ll go ahead and say it. Feedback from y’all makes me squeal like a fifteen year old girl who just got her braces off and can now pain-free eat popcorn again. (You don’t understand how awesome that is.)

We also have a pretty nifty referral program if I do say so myself. For all our clients! If any of your friends or family book a session with us, make sure you tell them to mention your name! For every session we book with your friends and family you get yourself a free 8x10! So threaten your friends with their lives! Blackmail them! Do what you have to so they don’t forget to mention your name…er. Or. You know. You don’t have to take it that far. A nice friendly suggestion would work just as fine. I’m sure. Maybe. Probably not. But that’s okay.

I don’t know how to end this blog. Other than with a period. NO No. We need something more exciting than that. Oh! I know. End this blog with a !