Sunday, January 16, 2011

Behind the Lens--Aarika & Jon

12:54pm Friday -- Sara informs me we are leaving at 10 Saturday morning. I laugh because I know she will begin to think about this more tonight and the time will change. Last minute of course.

7:33am Saturday -- Sara calls to inform me we are leaving at 9:30. She did indeed think about it during the night and worried we wouldn't be leaving early enough.

8:38am -- memory cards...check. Batteries...check. Props..check. Tripod..check. I have everything...what am I missing? ............heh. Camera. Check. ( yes I did almost forget my camera..don't hate.)

9:10am-- let dog out.

9:14am-- call for dog.

9:14 1/2am-- dog doesn't come.

9:16am-- I realize I can't find the dog. Call Sara in frantic..warn her I will be late.
I can now picture the whole day. Dog goes missing to never return. We are late for get crammed into now small amount of time because I lost the dog. Everyone's day is ruined.

9:17 am-- dog is at front door.

9:37am-- am now with Sara and we are making a cough drop, alka setzer, juice run at Walmart. Why you ask? Oh immune system decided this was a good week to not work.

9:46-11:58am-- many humorous conversations between me and Sara which we cannot mention without our lawyer present. One of these about her getting pulled over by a cop this morning though. I just feel compelled that everyone should know about this.

10:48am-- gave a jerk driver the stank eye.

10:58am-- go to Mcds to order lunch. The lady in the speaker box says we aren't serving lunch for a couple minutes. ......really? .....we wait.

11:00 am-- we can now order lunch.

11:34am-- I am singing into my toilet paper roll to Sara.

11:35am-- Sara changes the station.

11:49am-- turned left on a mountain road where we couldn't see on coming traffic. Screamed a lot. We survived.

11:58am-- I got stuck in the grocery stores bathroom stall and Sara ditched me...I coulda been in there forever...........

4:46pm-- in car on way to reception. Rehashing the day so far...looking at just a few pictures and ooing over the creaminess of them and how cute of a couple aarika and Jon are!

7:38pm-- took what Sara called a shortcut to get to the car so I could grab some stuff. Ended up being the really long way and I got lost in the parking lot.

7:43--documented certain unnamed people "decorate" bride and grooms car. Classic line from this moment "we have sugar, cake, and soap...let's go!"

8:04pm-- said our goodbyes gave everyone hugs...I loudly shouted "don't forget the cake!" to Sara on the way out...once again proving I have a loudmouth.

8:15pm-- on our way home. My shoes are off smelling like death wrapped in vinegar garbage. Let's hope Sara has enough oxygen in this car so she can drive us home safely.

8:50-9:03pm-- me and Sara are screaming and dancing while some idiot tailgates us the whole time.

9:04pm-- that idiot passes us....he is a police car under cover.

9:06pm-- due to our mad rapping skillz we now nave ghetto names. You are to refer to us as Dirty Bit and Swaager.

Aarika & Jon,
two of thee sweetest people you will ever meet.
So sweet they'll give you cavities. don't mind them sticking around.
Hmm..maybe that wasn't a good comparison.
They were our first wedding of the year, and we couldn't have been more thankful.
You two were perfect!
We know you will be together forever :D

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  1. Which one of you is Dirty Bit & which one is Swaager? I love these names <3 Why did you ditch her Sara?