Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Why can't snow be sugar, it just rain, and melt away?

“The snow is ruining my life” she said, a little over-dramatically. She stomped around the house and in that child like way let gravity pull her down face first into her bed. “My life is over.” She mumbled to herself again. She sighed a heavy sigh. One filled with disappointment, pessimism, and utter disbelief. It felt like her child-like dreams were taken from her to be locked away forever. As if someone told her there was no such thing as happiness in the world anymore. Over dramatic you ask? Maybe. But this was serious.

So what did she decide to do?


And here I am. On fire with the idea that I have found something to write about. Be nice if I could bottle that fire and melt the devil’s ice powder that has prevented my childhood friend from coming to visit me. And that’s why the snow is ruining my life.

There are times when you just want to be with the people who are part of your childhood. The ones you played doll house with, and “by pretended” you were orphans running away from the evil overlord of the home. The ones you’d play Nintendo into the wee hours of the morning with. The ones you’d listen to them talk about how much their braces hurt. The ones you watched graduate and tell them how you never thought you’d see the day. The ones you see go into their early adulthood life. And how even though you’re 600 cold icy miles apart, you still know what’s going on in their life. …even if she never DOES reply back to my text messages.

So here is to the people in our life. That have always been there and who we know always will be.

And who we plan to go kidnap despite the icy road conditions.


  1. man no comments on this yet..... that's rough. lol. anyway sooo on the bright side its a good thing i couldnt come this week for 2 reasons: one, i woke up feeling like crap. thee nasty winter cold of the year has hit. woot woot! and two, the present i ordered for you online will be in by then, meaning i dont have to mail to you but i can watch you sqeal this time.... mwa ha ha!

    Still sucks tho of course, and i shall continue to pine away until i see you in now another two whole horrid weeks..... *tears*

    oh and, aren't you proud i not only found the blog site you mentioned, but figured our how to comment on it?

    oh yeah.

    ok. well. poo to all parents who guilt trip their kids into being responsible. and poo to me causing catastrophic weather conditions whenever i intend on visiting. poo to my little teensy ford fiesta not being a mammoth truck with a convienent snow plow on it. poo to sore throats, runny noses and slight nausea. poo.

    *flinging poo*

    i feel better now.

    talk to ya soon.

    p.s. ok so i knew i didnt actually know how to post a commment so i definitely copied my comment before i pushed any buttons and good thing for that cuz i dont what really happened to first time.....

  2. *dodges your poo flinging* Good, I am glad you feel better. This is better for your health.

    If it makes you feel better, because I was forced to go into work twice today. Had to face the ice demons and the cold slaps to the face, I too am sick and all feverish. Blah.

    SO. It's good you are not coming this week.



    This makes me happy. :D

    I am very proud that you learnt how to post a comment, and that you remembered about the blog! This makes me cry tears of joy! :D I don't really know why I am replying back to you on here, I'm not sure if you ever will come back and check it. I'm going to have to inform you that I replied back.


    *giddy dance*