Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner

Oh yes. You read it right. We are indeed having a giveaway. It's the first official giveaway from Saritney Photography and depending how it goes may be our deciding factor if we will have another one sometime in the future.

Our Goal: To spread the word about Saritney and offer one of our amazing fans a free session of any choice! (Weddings not included.. I know. I know. It'd be amazing. Maybe if we get to 5,000 fans we'll offer this? Hm? Inticing!)

Our deadline is Friday, July 9th, 2010. And ONE of three things could happen; depending on how many participate and are as excited about this as us!
1. We reach 200 fans by deadline and give away a free 30 minute mini-session.
2. We reach
250 fans by deadline and give away a free 1 hour session!
3. We reach
300 fans by deadline and give away a free 1-2 hour full session plus 2 free 8x10s!!! *woot woot!*

Why, Britney & Sara, however do I win one of these giveaways? You may ask.
That's a very good question. And we have tried 10 different ways of wording this to keep it simple and let you know how to win. So. After much debate and confuzion, we've decided..

Suggest fans
AND leave us a comment on our wall telling us you did (We will trust that you are telling the truth) and also tell us what kind of session you want! And we'll add you in the fish bowl! To have your name drawn! (Please, local fans only. Unless of course you'd like to pay our airfare for your free session?)

And if you'd like to be entered in the drawing twice! Leave us a comment on one of our blogs and include BRITNEY YOU ROCK at the end so we know to add it to our fish bowl. And if you'd like to be entered in the drawing thrice leave us a comment on our wall telling us which Saritney Picture is your most favoritists! :D Maximum entries per person is 3. (Wow, well, we tried to keep this simple)

Okie dokie! Those are the details! Now. Go go go!! Comment your hearts out and click clickity away! And you can trust our eyes will be glued to the computer waiting to see what we get to give away!!

And as a sneak peak of our next blog:


  1. itney of SaritneyJune 29, 2010 at 10:07 PM

    Are you having trouble leaving a comment? You're probably making the very common mistake of just not scrolling to the appropriate option. Underneath your comment box it says "Comment as:" scroll down to Name/Url and simply type in your name! :D Hope it helped!

  2. You are HILARIOUS!!! And....I think I'm the only one who gets to be entered in TWICE!! Yippee!! :)