Friday, July 2, 2010

Like Laundry Has Ever Killed Anyone..

To start off with..I've always wanted to make my font color yellow, but always decide against it because I'm pretty sure it'd be super hard to read. The font color of a blog says alot about a person ya know. It's very crucial when making this decision. It reflects personality, emotion, hopes, dreams, and ambitions.

HAHA yeahhhh...that's a load of's just colorful and pretty and you probably haven't even realized I SO just changed the color to green. Be amazed. Be very amazed.

SO that was my little rambling of the night.


Sooo there is a secret person behind Saritney Photography. She helps support us in many ways. Is our very own personal little gopher.. I mean..assistant. She was there to celebrate our first gig together, and she suffers through my constant askings of "Have you looked at our new pictures yet?!" "Do you like them? Why don't you like them...I don't wanna hear constructive criticism...I wanna hear groveling!!" She's traveled down many a times and she's been our very own little guinea pig to run our ideas on. When we get the itch to do an out of the ordinary, sorta just random photoshoot..she's our gal!

It all started when our secret person behind Saritney Photography..I just realized I never told you her name...

Let's call her Noodle, shall we? She takes forever to read our blogs and I find a personal little victory getting to call Stephanie, Noodle and her not even knowing it. *ahh* So nice.


It all started when.."Noodle" bought me some pretty outrageous fabulous big gold sparkly stillhetos. Long story short. It gave birth to our idea...a "shrunk in the dryer" photoshoot.

Yeah. It doesn't make sense. But really. It does. Gold sparkly shoes can ALWAYS give inspiration.

So down Stephanie comes...all morning she spends getting ready, and to thee perfect laundry mat. Or so we thought. It had the vintage look! (smell too...that wasn't so pleasant) The pacman video game that's probably not been moved since 1967. The dryers that had scuff marks that were probably from my grandma when she was a little girl and went there with her mom to do laundry. Yeah. It was just that perfect. So much potential.

Then. She ruined it. Not only our perfect photo shoot spot, but also Saritney's perfect record. We had not been denied anything....up until that point. People let us use their restaraunt before it even opened to the public, we'd been allowed around, in, and on top of spiffy antique cars, let inside places that weren't for us to roam around in really, we've gotten discounts off items, and free cake even! But our perfect record was ruined that day...And all because of this:

For some "unknown" reason, she thought we were gonna break the dryer, hurt ourselves, then probably sue. Oh my. Sooo...the owner, disguised as a regular user of the laundry mat. A very unhappy woman *bless her heart* told us that was a big No NO. So we smiled, looked at each other, and left for the next nearest laundry mat!

Of course, when we pull up to it..(you know there are only like 7 in the small little town of Scottsboro) we were a bit more anxious this time. "What if we get kicked out of this one too?" We didn't think it would look good on our record if we got arrested. I mean..could you imagine? There you are in jail. A woman named Harry looks at you, cigarette hanging from her mouth, a big tattoo across her neck that says "KILLER" and she asks "So, whatchu in her' for?"

"um..we stuffed our friend in a dryer? ..twice?"

So, of course, we had to pull out our ninja quick moves. We needed to be in there, stuff Noodles in the Dryer, get her out...let her get changed into the "after shrunk" outfit, stuff her back in the dryer, get her out..and go. All in the meanwhile tryin' to capture some super amazing pictures.

Looking through our pictures that night you could tell we were hurried...oiy. But it was definitely SUPER much fun. And we were pretty proud of our little idea.
(At thee much cooler laundry mat..that had no owners present at the time, but very many curious Wonder why?)

So if you haven't, you must go check out our "Tumble Dry Low. If Necessary" photo album on our Facebook page. That's what pictures should really be all about, right? Fun, creativity, adventure, and cramming friends in over-sized dryers. :D


~whistles~ woo hoo! Down here! Read me! :) So, I know you've probably heard absolutely nothing about this *winks* but we are having a giveaway. And I'll be honest, when we first decided to do this, we were a little nervous that we wouldn't have too many people enter. Anddd...we're still a little apprehensive. So, please. Don't make us pull out our ninja moves again. We are just itching to take some pictures! And we'd love to be able to give away a free session! We are 4 fans away from giving away the 30 minute free session. And if you suggest enough friends to "like" our page we may get to give away an hour session! FOR FREE! So, suggest friends, threaten them if you have to, and tell us you did! And we'll put your name in our drawing!
I mean, c'mon..who don't like to win something every now and then?

Much love to all our fans and the super sweet compliments and feedback we've gotten over the past weeks! You are all amazingggg!!


  1. Cute story, as usual

  2. I must say the laundromat idea was super amazing!! Too bad for the first place ,they could be featured in some popular magazine someday. Oh well, their loss. Looking forward to your next blog.

  3. I loved this shoot!! I love the story it told. Very cute!!