Saturday, July 10, 2010

Who Has Time to Buy Time?

Oh me oh my. I’m learning my lesson when it comes to blogging. 1. Type it up first in Word so I can save it in any case that the blog gets ugly and begins to delete itself in big huge chunks! (if you read my blog previous before the previous one…you know what I’m talking about..oiy.) 2. …okay. Really. I’ve only learned one thing so far, I just thought it would look more important if I put two things. :)

This story begins with a text message I get from Sara as I’m trying on ridiculous dress up clothes with my friend “Noodle” (refer to previous blog to know who this is) at a store called “Unclaimed Baggage”. And what is it about? Another photographer in the Huntsville area wants US to take HER pictures. Oh. My. Bob. Like THAT isn’t nerve wrecking. I hurry home and we look her up some more. And cross our fingers “please be a terrible photographer, please not know what you’re doing. PLEASE be a terrible photographer” …nope. She takes some amazing pictures, has some awesome clients, and it’s very apparent..she DOES know what she’s doing.

“Oh gosh.”

Was what we said a lot. So after some breathing exercises, we calmed ourselves down..and emailed her back and set the date we’d be nervous up until to!

BY THE WAY. Not only is Megan Componation a great photographer, she is also very faithful to reading and commenting on my..I MEAN OUR…blog! So THANK YOU Megan! This makes me super happy and I’m sorry I’m such a procrastinator!

We spent the few weeks before their shoot brainstorming and trying to think of ways we could impress another photographer. When it came to the actual day for the shoot, we had calmed down more by then. But still..butterflies danced in our stomach as we tried to find a parking spot.

Do you know what a time meter is? It’s a meter that charges you for your time. And did you know that they ONLY take change..not dollar bills, not debit cards, not even credit cards. I know! Ridiculous right? Well, Me and Sara did not come prepared. We park next to a meter and go to pull out some quarters. *looks around* okay..some dimes..*looks around* nickels? *looks around* ohhhh poo! No!! No change! Nowhere! So once again, we went off to beg for something we need and have to have. By we, I mean Sara. I made her go ask someone for some coins because she has the sweeter “give it to me now or I could very well go insane” smile. And we got some quarters. *phew* crisis diverted.

(You are ready for a long blog right? If I have any new blog readers, I’m sorry, I should’ve warned you in advanced. Go get you a cup of coffee and some banana bread that way you’re not starving by the time you finish reading.)

Got your coffee? Okay. Good. :D

So we set up our goodies and wait for Megan and her two adorable kids (we knew this because we sort of facebook stalked her in’s so nice when you know the kids are ridiculously cute before you even meet them..)

Walking into the park we had two cute little ducklings that Sara called goslings follow us wherever we went. Perfect! We were going to use them in our pictures! Kids and baby animals are always cute together. However, they definitely fled the scene minutes before they showed up and we had to chase them down later. And, they were SO not interested in getting their pictures taken, Bee. Tea. Double u.

The photoshoot went really good! Megan was so easy going it helped us not feel so nervous. And her kids? AH! SO. SO. Cute! Lawson had such a cute smile and was a little bashful at first. He was very interested in playing with the ducks instead of getting his picture taken with his little sister, which I can’t blame him..ducks are pretty awesome. But, we found something more amazing-er than ducks..yes, hard to believe..but we did.

Fruit snacks in the shape of Cars. WOW. I wish I’d get car fruit snacks when I got my picture taken. Lawson kept us busy! He didn’t like to look at the camera, so we tried to find ways to get him to look at us. (Which, I can’t blame him, I wouldn’t want to look at me either…poor kid.) The secret? We put chex mix on my head and screamed “AHH THERE’S FOOD ON MY HEAD!!” And he would look at us and scream and smile and laugh. We had fun screaming in the park with Lawson.

And then there’s Owen. Sooo sweet. She was so easy going. You’d pick her up and all she’d want to do was bury her head in your shoulder and snuggle. Just one look at her and she makes your heart melt and ooze all the way down to your toes.

What doesn’t belong in this picture? Do you see that oddly shaped duck? Yeah. Poor Megan. Lawson was done wearing his shoes so he decided to take them off. And throw them. Into the pond. If I didn’t have reflexes of a hippo I could’ve caught it. I was right there next to it. All I did was a lot of “oh..oh! ah! Oh! Wait! I can get it” *slloowww moooo* and by then it was in the middle of the pond. Oiy. It gave us something to laugh at? Right Megan? Yeah? :D hehe

We really had a lot of fun with Megan and her two cuties! And Megan we hope you had as much fun as we did! Thanks for being such a help and for putting up with our craziness in the park.

Afterwards we hit the subway and shared a 5 dollar foot long. (Because they’re amazing) and here was the text I get from Sara later on after she had done much deep philosophical thinking for the day. “was just thinking of a beautiful metaphor to describe Saritney photography… its like our subway sandwich… the base, core, “meat” so to speak is the same… but its all the extra stuff that is conpletely and utterly different that makes saritney photography so unique and special!! we should of take a picture... darn it!!" It made me laugh so hard..which was awkward..because when she sent this text I was at work. In a bathroom. Laughing. ....yeahhh..

Now I must include a conversation I JUST had, in fact am having right now with Sara...

Britney: lol you spelt completely conpletely in your text to me that i'm blogging about
Britney: and i had to quote you verbatum sooo i had to include conpletely
Sara Pockrus: Nooo
Sara Pockrus: Not fair!
Sara Pockrus: I give you permission to correct my error!
Britney: i deny it but appreciate the input

Oh goodness. So fun!

It was a pretty great day! We had so much fun and Megan and Lawson and Owen provided us a day of plenty of stories and adventures and some pretty cute pictures as well! That's what we call a perfect shoot!

Now..introducing..the new face of Saritney Photography:

She needs a new name...any suggestions?



  1. Haha, LOVE it, thanks Brit!! Now I just hope you guys were as impressed with me at Devons shoot as I was with you guys. Thanks again!

  2. How about... Brisa ?
    Since your business name is a combo of Sara and Britney, how about her name being a combo of Britney and Sara? Of course, I think that's "breeze" in Spanish, so you could call her Breeze... sounds like a flower-child. She has the long flowing blonde hair...

  3. Haha! Love the blog! Sounds like ya'll had lots of fun with them! And the pictures of Lawson and Owen are adorable!! Its ok sara! I spell things wrong all the time.... exspically that word! lol! Love how u put Bee Tea Double u!! Great blog! I love reading the adventures of Britney and Sara!