Wednesday, October 20, 2010

What does a small blog look like again?

Okay, so i swear, small (er) blog this time.

I know..shocker right. To anyone out there whose stuck with us from the beginning of the Saritney Blog. (I love you btw...who ever you are!)You would think after being months and months away from the blog there would be SOO much I'd have to say.

True. There is. But I'm chosing to, instead of trying to catch up.
Just start fresh?

Ah. Fresh like the smell of pinesol.

We have had some pretty amazing times. Between laughing, brainstorming,traveling, uploading, editing, eating, editing, crying, teasing, preparing, studying, crafting, succeeding, failing, and loosing ourminds..we have really had an amazing almost first year as Saritney.

The people we've met, the places we've been able to go, the lives we've been allowed to completely enter as 100 percent strangers and become a part of, the friendships we've made, the lessons we've learned, the food we've eaten, and the pictures we've captured.

It's just been.Awesome.

I don't know how else to put it. And there is no sense making this blog super long with all these adjective words that I probably just google'd and don't really know the true meaning of.
We're soo appreciative of how things have gone. And look forward to the official Saritney Anniversary date!

Which isss...NOVEMBER 28th!

Looking forward to how the rest of this year is going to go, and can't wait to start our 2nd year as Saritney with fresh ideas as the same quirky,corky, cheesy, down to earth yet with the head in the clouds, Photographers. Phew. ME AND SARA need shorter titles. :D

And to end the blog with the same phrase we've ended the blog every time and began every photoshoot with since the beginning...


And yes, I am posting this video, because yes, it makes me laugh, why? Because, okay, i admit, I am my number 1 fan. I tend to think I'm hilarious. Pathetic. I know. Don't be hatin'. :P


  1. You DO know that helium causes brain damage, right? LOL! Love ya, Brit!

  2. 1st anniversary already?! wow time flies.....always love your blogs :)