Monday, November 15, 2010

Raindrops of Dr Pepper

I just love it. There is no better way to put it. Sitting here wrapped in my fuzzy 25 year old tiger blanket. (yeah, sure it may have a smell, but it’s cozy!) Watching tv, unwillingly pulled into watching The Nanny. Its become my routine. I listen to Fran Fine’s annoying voice every somehow motivates me to edit pictures. Your guess is as good as mine why it does. Finishing off my 4th Dr Pepper of the day and snacking on Oreos and Doritos.

And tonight there is an extra bonus, I get to listen to the pitter patter of the rain on the metal roof. Ahhh..

I just love it. Looking through wedding pictures, picking the best ones to send through the digital darkroom. And all of a suddenI notice there is this plastered smile on my face. It’s contagious! I can hear the giggles of the bride and her bridesmaids, ones they probably shared growing up as little girls. I can hear the crazy ideas the groomsmen have, ones that probably got the groom in trouble all those years he knew them. I see the twinkle in the grooms eye and how he smilesextra big when his bride is by his side.

I just love it. You get to experience the love, laughs, and joy on the actual wedding day. And then for the days to come as you edit each picture. We can experience it all over again. Every detail. The silly moments in betweenthose lovey dovey ones. The look on the little boys face when he sees they are FINALLY cutting the cake! The crazy dancing, how everyone is just having fun and, sure we can tell they are trying to avoid the camera, but letting loose nonetheless. The silly face Uncle Fred shoots my way as he shoves his face with chicken and dressing.

I just love it.

And all because..

“We Got This”

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