Monday, November 14, 2011

Tim, Christy, Reese, and Lexi

We lovedddd this family!
Yes. It's true.
Yes. We did. Don't argue.
We met in person for the first time,
and immediately after had them risk their lives.
Yes. We live on the edge like that.
They followed us on a wild goose chase throughout the city.
Parked at a creepy gas station so we could where?
Oh yes. To the underways of the very very busy overpasses.
These crazy ideas, and without a blink, they trusted us.
Then on a whim, decided to not go to the original field.
As we planned to go.
But to go to one closer, right next to the busy highway.
For all the truckers to see.
But you don't understand. The lighting was GORGEOUS!
And the whole time, they all nodded and said
Take us wherever! We'll do whatever we need to!
Those words are worth a million dollars to us.
Thank you Tim, Christy! Reese and Lexi!!
You all are AWESOME!

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