Monday, November 28, 2011


We love when someone wants pictures.
Just Because.
It's a time to capture yourself.
In that moment of time.
To be in front of the camera
to shine.
To show the world, I am beautiful.
Even if you do think you are terrible in front of the lens.
You're not.
Alejandra was so much fun to be with!
My grandma wants some good pictures of me.
Was her reason for us meeting that day.
Could that be any sweeter?! No.
She put her poker face on. "I'm so terrible in pictures."
Yeah. Uh. Okay.
And I hate eating Oreos.
Alex totally rocked it in front of the camera.
Stunningly Gorgeous
so much so she causes wrecks.
We like inside jokes.
Thank you Alex for following us over cliffs,
across crazy traffic,
around creepy buildings,
and chasing the sunset with us.

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