Sunday, February 28, 2010

What realllly happened...

The event of John & Maretta's Wedding..through the many eyes from a fly on the wall...

Ahh...yes. It was our very first official gig together as the Sar and Itney business partnership began. Were we confident? We appeared to be. Yes. But this blog is for you to know..the real story. What went on behind the scenes...what reallllly happened. (the extra "l"s in really is for dramatic emphasis, just so you know.)

Our story the night of the wedding rehersal.
With heads held high, cameras dangling on our necks, and tripod and flash equipment bags in hand we marched our fluffy butts into the building. Oh's and Ah's over the photographers being there put flutters in our stomaches and made our heart's skip a beat. We were just so ecstatic!!

"We got this" we kept telling each other and ourselves. We only had room for excitement, we weren't nervous....yet...

As we start pulling out the flashes and setting up the tripods, waiting for the rest of the bridal party to show up so they can practice their run down, attention comes our way. Questions are being asked. "How long have you done this for?" (professionally? umm...a week.) "How many weddings have you shot?" (together? this is our first one) "How many megapixels is your camera?" --this question, directed at me..caused me to blank out..with which i responded with many ums and ohs and finally the truth..."I have no many megapixels is my camera?" *crosses fingers* please know the answer. Please know the answer... Yours is 12, Britney. *yesssss*
It was after that question I realized I needed to hurry up and set the OTHER end, away from people.

The bride and groom were ready for their first walk down.

OK. "We got this" It was at this very moment. When I was looking through my camera set at the top of it's tripod looking at the first couple walking down when I realized. Oh. My. Gosh. We're shooting a wedding. We have ONE time to get this and get this right. This is the happiest day of their lives. If we mess up. We mess up their memories for thee. rest. of. their. lives.
(I'm a litte over dramatic. I already know this.)

As I'm taking my pictures, much to my dismay, I notice the pictures I am taking are not as crisp as I would like. Some are even blurry. And the lighting is not my favorite. I wanted to faint. Throw up. Scream. Run. But, I couldn't let them know I didn't know what I was doing. (relatively speaking) Sara, who is in the back of the building, capturing the grooms face and guests around. I smile at her (to show everyone I was confident) and was so relieved to see her smile back. "Good!" I thought to myself. At least ONE of us is getting picture perfect shots. I walk back to her. We both are smiling at each other. Wide. Big. Smiles. Very wide smiles. And this is how our conversation went:

ME- "You getting good shots" *said with big smile*
Sara- *nods head yes* Nope. I have no idea what I'm doing, Britney!
Me- *laughs* "Are you serious?"
Sara- *confidently smiles* "Oh yes. Very much so. Soo, please tell me you got good pictures."
Me- *points to camera, because for some reason this shows like we're having an intelligent conversation* "Nope. Mine are grainy and blurry."
Sara & Me- Laughs. ...continues laughing....heh heh..

Soo..we stand there for awhile. Nodding our heads yes. Never letting the smiles leave our faces. Telling Maretta & John we can't wait for tomorrow (which is true, by tomorrow, we'll actually know what we're doing) and quickly packing away our cameras so we won't be asked by ANYONE to show our pictures we just took. Our beautiful. Grainy. Green colored pictures.

Anyways. We figured it out. Stayed out till 10:30 trying to figure it out. Anddd then going home our seperate ways to stay up even later to figure more out. Went to bed in the early hours of the morning.

^Yupp, Sara, I couldn't have said it any better.^

So it's finally the day of the wedding. We had a life saving phone call from a dear friend who knows what he's doing and it put our minds at ease.

Of course, the morning started off a little rushed, I began running late, and had to speed going 80 down our road to get to Sara's. Yes. I HAD. to. It was very vital that we left on time!!
I get to Sara's, she jumps in my car. And we repeatedly tell ourselves.."We Got This" --which, has now become the official Saritney Photography motto. Because you know what? We do Got This. ;)

We jam out to Muse and laugh and rehash the whole night before. We giggle alot since that's the effect we have on each other and being slightly nervous didn't help the giggle fits.

It's a beautiful day. Rainy. Rainy. Rainy. We finally get to the place of the ceremony. Step out of our cars..right into puddles. We grab all our equipment. Thankfully, for this time, we had a lovely assistant..

Stephanie was such a life-saver..and we can't thank you enough for being such a big help Stephanie!! *THANK YOU* We send you our love and lots of big cheesy smiles.

She grabbed some of our equipment. the bag of flashes and other goodies, a tripod, and a reflector, she was probably carrying the old skool clipboard too.

Me and Sara are rushing to go in when all of a sudden, we hear "SPLASH" "OMPH" "ohh" we turn to find Stephanie half way in a puddle, her one leg soaked and the trim of her dress dripping. The loving people Sara & I are, we rush over..."is the equipment okay?!" it was. Thankfully. Oh yes. And Stephanie was okay too. We eventually asked. Apparently she was trying to avoid the puddle, and ending up slipping into the puddle. Did we say thank you yet Stephanie for being such an amazing person that day? (She made a McD lunch break for us and brought us back yummmmy cheeseburgers too!)
Did you know? By eating your lower lip completely off your face, you increase your chances of gettin' better pictures by up to 25%? (i was told to add a picture of me in...thanks sara...thanksss alottt...*sigh*)

SO. The day started off good..if you read our other blog, you know we had an absolute blast during the wedding and the reception! Best wishes to you both Maretta & John!

We ended the night by celebrating.

BEST place ever to go eat at! Sara asked for an opera singer to come over and sing for us..but unfortunately (this is sarcastic from my end I want you to know..) our waitress couldn't sing. (Oh durn.) BUT. She gave us EACH a chocolate cake to celebrate our first gig...on the house! We were thrilled. to. death.

See? (They give you crayons and you can write on the table! How awesome is that!)

Sara tried to give us some publicity. But no one will hire us..see if you can tell why by looking at this picture....

I may not have good grammer...but at least I can spell Sara! :D *hehehe*


Needless to say. We had alot of fun! I know this is a ridiculously long blog. It's more like a novel. about my life. I would say I promise they all won't be this long. But I can't make any guarantees.

This is just our first official "Behind the scenese" blog about our first official "Gig" and I'm officially ending this now.

"We Got This"

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