Thursday, February 11, 2010

Welcome to Our World

Ohh look What I can Do!

SO. Me and Sara (sorry, Sara and I...*rolls eyes* at Sara) have decided to join the world of blogging (personally, I don't understand where they got the term blog from? It sounds like something you do when you have a cold.) As (amateur) Photographers officially starting our own business together, we are having so much fun being included in your lives. So we thought it was only fair to give you that oh so wonderful privilege as well.

Just Imagine....

It's the day of your wedding. You've made only two major decisions for that day. The person you will spend the rest of your life with. And the people to capture the moment you decide to make it a lasting bond. (Sure, I guess there was more than just those decisions to make. Who to invite to the wedding. Trying to decide between your sister and your best friend to be your maid of honor. What to feed your hundreds of guests, if you even want to feed them. They can starve. It's not you're problem. But whatever. Those are minor details.....right?)
Where was I? Yes. So it's the day of your wedding. And here we come. Cameras in hand, flash equipment wrapped around our shoulders, tripods balancing on our heads, random shiny reflectors tucked between our knees. We reek of confidence. A faded redhead who laughs at everything because she doesn't know what else to do. And a blonde with a sweet smile that hides the fact that she's actually full of sass.
You think everything has gone smoothly for us that day. We woke up. Got ready. Got our equipment. And smooth sailing until we got to you. When the truth is? There was an adventure. There's always an adventure. And that's what our blog is for.
Want to know what's behind the scenes? Who had to race 90mph down a curvy road so they wouldn't be late? (uhh..Mom, if you're reading this, it was Sara. Not me. Kyle if you're reading this, it was Me, not Sara.) Who flirted with the old man to borrow his car for the *Perfect Shot*? Who used the adorable 19 month old baby as bait to soften the hearts of their victims? Not us. (of course) But those would be interesting stories wouldn't they? (evil laughs) (winks)

So let us...did the font just turn italic? It won't go back it normal? uh oh... why did it it normal now? There. No. AH! Is this right? It looks right. Okay. We can continue. So let us..I forgot my train of thought. Hmm.. Oh. Yes. So let us move on to the next blog! We'll try to keep you entertained while you read instead of putting you to sleep.

As our motto goes (I'll explain later)
"We Got This!"

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