Thursday, April 29, 2010

Antique Malls vs. Potatoes

Don't be hatin' I like to spell my Potatoe with a TOE at the end of it. I have a toe fetish. You spell Potatos, I spell Potatoes. It's all the same. Right? :) I sure hope so!

First off..well..i guess my "first off" was about the off..I wanted to let y'all know that I blog in order of our Photoshoots. Sooo unfortunately this blog is not about Callie & Tyler's Wedding, but that one will be coming shortly! This one is about......are you ready for this???

Saritney's Fotoshoot!!!

And it alllll started with a trip to the Antique Mall...(Me & Sara's new fav obsession by the way.)

With eyes wide open, we took it allll in. This HUGE warehouse building FILLED with alllll sorts of goodies. From victorian chairs, to metal toy tractors, metallic tea sets, bronze mirrors, old books, and music sheet. Vintage. Vintage. Vintage. And inspiration was flying outta our..................selves. :D

Walking around in daze and astonishment Sara came across a find! "What is it?" I ask..."Kinda looks like a cigar case, don't it?"

With raised eyebrows Sara says.."that's one big cigar case?"

"It's for a giant, Sara..duhh.."

She picks it up, looks at it, presses a button and it pops open..displaying...something absolutely beautiful. A 1976 Polaroid Camera. With screams and glees and lots of "oh my goodnesses" we held tight to it and carried it outta that store...after buying it of course...shesh..we're not theives ya know.

Immediately on the car ride home we started brainstorming. We had mentioned a new profile picture for our "Saritney" Site....and what better prop to use then this beautiful camera? So..we decided we needed to buy polaroid film..because we had the polaroid camera! We need the pictures to go with it! And not just any pictures. No. We wanted to take pictures of things that inspire us. Things that make our wheels turn when we try to think of creative shots for our clients and photoshoots. No problem right? All we'll do is go online and order some.

Ohhhh...isn't THAT lovely. They stopped making polaroid film just a year ago? OH! FANTASTIC! It costs $32.95 for just 8 pictures? *sigh* There went our vision.

Nope. We can't let it go. We have a vision...we must go through with it.

Read online that some pharmacies may still carry the film..GREAT! After calling about 10 to 15 pharmacies...some of which..sure..are ONLY 90 minutes away..we find once again. It's a Fail. No film. :( There went our vision..

Nope! We just can't get it out of our system! We're going to see our vision through!!

So we go to a little place here called Unclaimed Baggage...a place that when you take the time, and go on the right days, you can truely find some treasures..and we did!! There among all the lost cameras..was a polaroid camera..and inside of it?!!?!?! You guessed it!! A film case!! YAY! Our eyes got big and we squeeled and screamed. Bought it. Took it out to the car. Opened it up!

Empty. No film. Just the case. FAIL. Again. There went our vision...

You wanna say it this time? Or should I?'re shy. I understand. I'll say it. Nope! Nothing we'll stop us! We will accomplish our vision!!!!

After a few additions to photoshop, some cropping, some editing....we made our very own polaroids! And we couldn't have been any happier!! Finally!! We would see our vision through!! Each of us chose pictures of things that inspired us. You can tell whose the more intelligent of the two of us.

The intelligent one chose things like: sunset, clouds, a baby's smile, flowers, birds"other" one chose things like: shiney pennies, cupcake monsters, bubbles, toes.

I'll leave it to your imagination to decide whose who. :)

And we got some pictures we personally were very proud of :D It's so exciting for a photographer to see their vision fulfilled. *sigh* it's like getting to eat the full cake, icing and's very satisfying.

Now would be a good time to thank my daddy! He climbed up a ladder on top of a tree and listened to me and Sara bark orders while we're laying on the ground...directing him to get thee perfect shot. "Have you zoomed out? Have you zoomed in? Are you getting this? Did you get that? Did you focus on this? Did you focus out on that?" Thanks Daddy! (And thanks Mommy and my sister Brooke for keeping order. haha)

If you check out our facebook you'll see the nice pretty ones. But here are some of my personal favorites :)

Sara is saying "Seriously? I. Will. Kill. Her. Where's my duct tape?" And I'm shouting "I'M A POE-TAY-TOE"



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  1. In love with the camera, to bad about the film!! You guys do great work, love your style.