Thursday, August 9, 2012

Confessions of an Insomniac

Well, here we are again. That beautiful time in the morning. 2 a.m. And still not asleep. If I was, this whole blog would be amazing. But, alas, I am not sleep-blogging, so it puts it back on the mediocre scale.

As I sit here, in this amazing lazy-boy chair. (if I'm sitting in it, does that make it a lazy-girl chair?'s too early for corny jokes, isn't it?) I'm editing pictures and telling myself I should've gone to wal-mart to get Red Velvet icecream. And I realize. I have confessions I need to make. SO, here goes.

1. I suck at racing video games. And it makes me very upset with my life that I am so horrific.

2. It takes me 30 minutes to eat a cup of yogurt.

3. I'm realizing 5 year old Britney would be upset at 23 year old Britney. I have not yet grown up to be a Horse Trainer. Or a Russian Spy.

4. I'm sort of a nerd. But not in the harry potter/twilight/creepy stuff sort of way. More in a superhero/dr who/bigbang theory sorta way. (I am working on memorizing rock, paper, scissors, lizard, spock)

5. I realize it's not good to be partial. But my favorite wedding I've ever shot is my Best Friend's Wedding. Because, even though I realize I was mostly a Bridesmaid, I also still got to be a photographer. And it was the best way to experience her wedding day. As a Bridesma-grapher. Photomaid? Photographermaid. Bridesmaid-ographer. ?

Uh-hum. Annnyways. Here is the picture I just edited that made me so happy I had to share with the world.

Peace, Love, & RedVelvet Ice Cream

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  1. #4 is my favorite. And I love this picture of Steph & Darrin. I gotta get you some zzzquil!