Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Week 12- Spring

First off, sorry for my absence last week. The week got away from me.. and late Tuesday night I was trying my hardest to think of something creative.... all I got was a couple of cute pictures of my cats... So I just skipped. This week isn't much better, I forgot my camera (again) and so these lovely beauties are from my phone.

Spring, to us, means lots of time at the park. We got to go with some of our best buds yesterday and soaked up the sun.

I've really enjoyed the one day of Spring we got to experience down here. Today is the first day of Spring, yet, somehow, it feels like it's already Summer. Ladies & Gents, be sure to stock up on ice, gatorade, flip flops, and icecream, it's gonna be one hot Summer!
Spring is my favorite, and even though I like to think outside the box with my pictures, I decided to stay inside the box this week, and just take pictures that make me smile. :)

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