Friday, March 16, 2012

The First Look (at the rest of your life)

 He stared out into the empty open field. The sun glistening through the trees, the wind combing through his hair. The only thing causing a stir was the thudding of his heart. Nervously twisting his hands into each other, he suddenly heard it. The bustling of her dress.  Her soft steps as she walked towards him. Her slight timid giggles, knowing in just moments he would get to see her.  She came up from behind him, giving him goose bumps as her delicate hands touched his back and she whispered in his ear.
She could hear his heart thudding. It made her smile, because it was in rhythm with her own. All morning she had spent preparing for this moment.  Ever since he proposed she had anticipated this minute. No, all her life, she waited for this day. She bit her lip, tapped him on his back, and waited for him to turn around.

This was it…

He turned around to see his bride. To see the woman he could not believe he would get to spend every day with for the rest of his life. His heart skipped a beat. He swallowed hard, he couldn’t let the tears show. She was, for lack of better words, simply, beautiful. Her eyes shined brighter than the sun that shined through her hair. Her smile was as big as it was the day they met.
He swooped her up in his arms, they kissed, and held each other for a few quiet moments. Laughing, smiling, wiping away tears, kissing some more, and finally letting out those breaths they held in all morning.
The next few minutes, holding each other’s hands, they talked about how her mother cried when she put her veil on. And laughed over the crazy stories his best man kept telling. This would be one of the rare quiet moments these two souls in love would have that day. And they enjoyed every second of it.

Something they would not have had if they did not choose for a First Look. If they waited to see each other until the moment she walked down the aisle, he would not have gotten to swoop her into his arms like he so desperately wanted to the instant he saw her.

Do you want those private moments together? To kick those nerves to the corner, and, yeah, I’ll say it, have a make out session before the time of the Big Walk comes? Then trust us when we say, trust your photographer, and break tradition. Be the modern Bride we know you are, see each other before-hand. Have a First Look. Because really, every single one of you, deserves this.



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