Wednesday, March 16, 2011

It's Not You. It's Me! --{Britney's Ramblings}

It’s not you. It’s me. No really. It’s me. It’s ALLLL me.

What? Noo! I’m not breaking up with you! I’m trying to tell you. That really awkward uncomfortable feeling you’ll have when we first meet. It won’t be you. It’ll be me.

I have this incredible ability to be awkward. I can’t help it. I’ve always been like that. In school I was the quiet girl simply for the fact that I knew if I acted like my normal self…. well, I’d be shoved in lockers, and hiding from the cheerleaders.

I’m a very shy person. For those that know me you may feel free to roll your eyes and laugh abruptly out loud. For those who don’t know me, please ignore them. It’s true. I’m shy. And how do I deal with it? By being awkward. Yes I have mad skills, no reason to get jealous ;)

The prime example of this, my first job interview. I couldn’t tell you how nervous I was. The other jobs I had never required these silly things which others referred to as “resumes” and “interviews”. It was at a doctor’s office. Early in the morning. There I sat playing with my thumb ring, swaying my legs back and forth. Praying over and over I wouldn’t come across like such a dork.

I was called to the back, to find out I’d be interviewed by the doctor herself and some other lady. (I know, I pay such good attention to detail.)

The interview went great! She was so sweet! I even got both ladies to laugh a little. (it may have been polite chuckles, but I took what I could get!) She was ready to hire me on! I got so excited I uncrossed my ankles to cross my legs and stubbed my toe. Ouch. But, then when I found out they couldn’t accept me part time..well. I apologized for wasting their time. (I felt so dumb, I realized after 20 minutes in, this was something I should’ve mentioned first.)

So she got up and went to do the very professional thing of shaking my hand. But I went in for a hug. Why? You’re not a huggy person! So she switched to match what I was doing and went to give me a hug in return. Quick! Shake her hand! Maybe she won’t notice you were about to hug her like she’s you’re long lost aunt. I put my hand out, trying to get out of some awkward hug with the Doctor. Trying to hold back a laugh, she goes to shake my hand now instead. Oh! She was going to hug you! Don’t be rude! You should just hug her! It won’t be that weird…maybe…

So I.... Hugged her handshake.


Wish I could say that was the last awkward moment. But I of course wanted to grab my purse and run to the car. Unfortunately, it stopped at "grab my purse". I got pulled back when I realized it was stuck around the leg of the chair. And almost knocked the nice ladies over. If only I knew how to work my feet!

So. Just know. That awkward moment when we first meet? Rest assured. It’s my fault. Not yours. :D


  1. I love your blogs!! That made me laugh! And i did roll my eyes and laugh. :P I remember u telling me that story! But that's just who u are. They can take it or leave it. :)

  2. This was such a "you" blog, Brit! It reminded me of your dad and how honest he always is on stage, flaws & all he is just "him" & isn't bothered by saying it! That's one of the things we love about you & your whole family!!!

  3. True Biz!!!! I get the same eyerolling when I tell ppl, especially my kids that I was real shy at one time :D