Thursday, March 10, 2011

Click it. Remember it.-- {Britney's Ramblings}

When words fail. Pictures pick up the pieces. When thoughts are fuzzy. Snapshots prove truth.
There comes many times when we become at a loss for words. When something so tragic happens, we know there's little we can say to make it go away. Or we see something so beautiful, trying to describe it with words seems disrespectful to the creator.
I'm by no means a writer.
Or the best photographer in the world.
But what I love is having my camera attached at my side.
To capture the moments I'll spend my time daydreaming about.
SO. Let's set a goal.
Try to capture a timeless beautiful moment in your life.
One that would be hard to put in words as perfectly as you want.
But, with a little help from your trusty sidekick. Your Camera.
Click it. Remember it. Maybe Share it?
*cough cough hint hint*

1 comment:

  1. amazing picture!!! love the blog too!!! I gotta get a camera. lol.