Sunday, March 6, 2011

Carousel Kisses

This week on i heart faces is people's choice! So we let our fans choose their favorite picture we took in February and this is the one they chose!! And we're pretty excited they chose it! :D Head on over to to vote for your top 10 favorites!

It has it's ups & downs.
It gives you butterflies in your tummy.
It makes your head spin like never before.
It'll always make you smile!
No, silly, not riding a carousel,
Being in love.


  1. I do love this picture. Yall always do such an amazing job!

  2. Love love love this!! How incredible!!

  3. What an amazing photo and your description is so true! The way you've caught the motion of the carousel is really wonderful. Beautiful shot!

  4. AH! I love the motion that you captured!
    That's how love really does feel! It's a whirlwind of emotion :)

  5. True Love is a Carousel Ride!! Love, Love this picture!

  6. I love this...I am bookmarking this one!!!!