Monday, September 17, 2012

Monday Artist Feature - GraceD Art Collage

 YES! We are kicking this week off right! Our very first Monday Artist Feature! And I'm so excited to introduce to you Michelle from GraceD Collage Art! She so graciously (and may I add courageously) said she would be first featured! And I couldn't think of a better person! So please, grab some chocolate (because, really there is no better way to read a blog) and sit down and check out this awesome interview with Michelle :)
1. Describe your wonderful self in 4 sentences
I have to admit that this was the hardest question...and that I did it last! (But I had to remember my own advice from #12!)... So here it goes...I'm trying not to over think this....
    1. I always try to look for the good in people and the beauty around us.
    2. I wouldn't be creating art if it wasn't for my loving husband.
    3. I love my faith, books, sheep, chocolate, decorating and architecture, and too many other things to write down.
    4. I'm thinking about painting our front door a beautiful peacock color!

2. What is the craft/art that you do?  I do mixed media/paper collage on cigar boxes, old tin to create magnetic art, on canvas and boxes to create clocks, and note cards. I've also done custom collage invitations and cake toppers for weddings.

3. When did you start? I've been doing collages for gifts for a long time, but I started doing them to sell in 2009.

4. What is one of your favorite pieces you've made? Why? I'm always tickled when I have used a lot of different papers on a project...So one of my favorites is the "Alice in Wonderland"-inspired writing desk. The clocks I've done have challenged me to be more dimensional and I've been proud of them...The first of which was for your brothers' graduation!

5. Who is your favorite artist or designer? When you get to know people most of them are artists in some way! And I've met so many artists locally that I am proud to call my friends and they definitely all inspire me in different ways...But I have to say that in creating collages, the original artists that inspired me the most were Sarah Lugg and Isabelle de Borchgrave. (Incidentally, there is a wonderful article in the latest Victoria magazine about Isabelle de Borchgrave's creations!!!!)

6. Your favorite supplier or craft that you use? I use things from a lot of different sources...But, my favorite papers and embellishments usually come from Anna Griffin and Webster's Pages. I also love Susan Lenart Kazmer's line "Industrial Chic" at Michaels!

7. If budget wasn't involved, what are 2 things you wish you had for your art-making? A craft studio in a tree house and unlimited paper!!!

8. What's your favorite cookie? Anything with dark chocolate and pecans!!!

9. Your #1 Fear regarding your art? That people won't smile when they see my stuff.

10. Where do you get your inspiration from? Everywhere...I love layers and you see that all around you. I've always loved mixing fabrics and textures...especially after working for an amazing fabric company! And I often get amazing ideas from my very talented husband! When I need an objective (and always supportive opinion) I can always count on him.

11. What makes you laugh the most? The silly conversations my husband and I have when we are really exhausted!

12. Any tips to fellow artists? Remind yourself that there is no wrong answer...I have to repeat this to myself a lot! I am always in pursuit of perfection and in art AND in nature the things I fall in love with the most are the organic, unforced, "imperfectly" perfect layers. And also, that there WILL be someone that will love your creations...I have to remind myself that I am creating because it makes me happy and that I hope it will make those people happy, too.

~Thank you Michelle SO much for your support and being the first to be featured this week!!

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  1. Wow that was well done and awesome. Can not wait for the next one....

  2. Really great! Love your work, Michelle! April

  3. Thank you for the opportunity to be featured on your blog! You guys have definitely been an inspiration to me as well!

  4. Love the Monday blog feature, featuring Michelle of GraceD Collage Art! She is an awesome person and her work is beautiful! I am thrilled to say that I own a couple of her lovely collaged boxes and treasure them and her friendship. Thank you for a beautiful insight into Michelle the designer.

  5. wow that was some really beautiful pieces! Impressive work!

  6. I too love your Monday Blog feature. Couldn't think of a better artist to start with. Love you, Michelle!!