Monday, April 2, 2012

Change, Butterlies, & PASS

So, my heart is pounding, and my fingers are acting like they got butterflies in them. (And you thought they just stuck around in your stomach..) I've gone over and over in my head how to type up this blog and I have even put it off all day. (Partly because I had no internet, partly because, well..I'm a little anxious, and when I'm anxious I procrastinate....not a good combination is it?)

Saritney has decided to make some changes, ones that we are sure will benefit our clients and us.

So we've imagined the scenario, you get your pictures taken, which, we know, it's a stressful day, sometimes week, as you go through deciding what to wear, what to bring, and try to make everyone happy and look forward to the day. Then it comes, you get your pictures taken, realized, wow, these two girls are amazing! (haha, okay, so, you may not always think that.....) You had some fun, realized we aren't your normal type of portrait photographers and now you can't wait to see your pictures. Then comes the process of deciding. What to buy, what to buy, what to buy. Don't you deserve to own every single one of those pictures that are in your finished gallery?

You stressed, you smiled, you shined, you s...s.. I can't think of another s word to make this catchy. Maybe you don't want every picture printed out, but you simply want to have it forever. To look at, to share with friends on facebook. So you decide to order a CD. But here comes the hassle of trying to keep up with it. Downloading it onto your computer, passing it around to family and friends but making sure none of them lose it. (because, let's be honest, we all have that one cousin that our toes curl when we let them borrow something...will they give it back????)

Okay, okay, girls, get on it with? What's your point, and what are the changes??

Sorry, Sorry...I know I rattle alot...

Now we are offering a PASS gallery with every session. Not sure what PASS is?
Check out this link:
But..the simple explanation of what PASS is: the new shoot and share revolution. It allows you the ability to download all your pictures directly to your computer, iphone, or ipad. Share with your friends on facebook and twitter. Giving you (and if you chose, your friends and family will be able to do it too) the rights and ability to print. It's the new modern way to always have your pictures at your fingertips.

So now we charge a flat rate. $500 for your session, but this includes, all your pictures, along with printing rights. It also allows your friends and family to be able to download your pictures directly from your PASS gallery and print the pictures they want as well. (This is optional, only if you decide you want this available) and it comes with a gift from us too! A 3x3 brag book, with 5-10 of your favorite pictures. (which, they are waaayyy adorable, I'm ordering one myself, and I'll have to share pictures of it!)

This also goes for our Wedding Packages, it includes a PASS Gallery, along with a 8x10 50 page photobook. We've simplified to two different Packages. HUGS or KISSES and both come with the gallery but offer a few differences depending on the needs of our bride and groom.

All updates can be found on our website: (Unless you use the Rockmelt browser, it's for some odd reason, not updated...can someone say weird?!)

Our goal is to give our clients amazing pictures that they will cherish forever, at a fair price. One that will be affordable for our clients, and one that will help us continue to do what we love. Photography is something we both cherish, and getting to meet the people we meet, and capture their laughs, tears, and kisses, is what we want to continue to do as long as we can. The idea of not being able to continue doing that, tears my heart strings, and makes me think out of tune.

We are looking forward to this spring season, and we already have some amazing sessions and weddings booked! To all our clients, past and future, you mean the world to us! Thank you.

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