Monday, December 5, 2011

There is a 1 in 1000 chance this blog might maybe make you crack a smile. Maybe.

Before I continue into this blog, I just feel you all should know I am currently typing this from my new desk chair.  "Yeah, okay Britney, that's great. What's the big deal?" Well, let me tell you. I'm so glad you asked.

It's not actually a chair.

It's a....

bouncy ball!!

And please, no one burst my bubble and tell me it's actually an exercise ball, as the "e" word is something I am allergic to. In fact, I'm still swollen from the last time I exercised, and that's why none of my clothes fit.
You know you wanted to know that.

So we are very excited! Soon we will be in a fresh year! More changes to come, new things to try, and more amazing people to meet! And November 27th came and passed in a blink of an eye. Why's that date so special? It was Saritney's 2nd year officially! So here we go..venturing into our third year...and we are so glad we are getting to share it with so many of you.

We wanted to have a little fun to end the year with. We thought about a contest. Yes. A contest. It's exciting right? Because I really want to add "!!!" but only if it's exciting. Okay, I'm going to be bold, and say it is exciting!!!!

This year I have been doing a 365 project. A picture a day. For a year. You can read about it here. I have been sharing the experience and posting all the pictures on my personal facebook page. You can glance through those pictures here oh yes, and here too. The amazing support I have gotten from friends, family, and perfectly random strangers has been more encouraging than anything!

Over the year I have had a surprising amount of people ask if I was selling prints. Or mention they would buy the print. (Honestly, if one person had asked me, it would have been a surprising amount..) So I have decided to open an Etsy account, (which will be open within the month). It'll be interesting to see how it goes. My little side adventure. I mean, I won't lie, there are some pictures this year, I've been pretty proud of, (honestly, it's more...shocked I was able to know how to press the button to take that picture) but I feel super silly putting them out there as artwork for others to enjoy, purchase, share, decorate with. Just because I like this picture, doesn't mean anyone else will, right? But, a chance you don't take is an answer you'll never find out. (I think I read that off the pink foil wrapping from one of the Dove's chocolate truffles once.)
And if it takes off just right, I can put back into Saritney Photography, and help give all our clients an even better photography experience.

"Excuse me Britney, I don't want to be rude, but, you said something about a contest? Anddd I wanna know what I gotta do, and what's in it for me??"

Ohhhh yes yes! The excitingness I was going to share!!! 
So here are the deets: (Yeah, I feel cool saying deets...)

Help us reach 1,000 fans on our facebook page. We'll just trust you'll help us out. No need to force your friends to leave your name on our wall. Although, I'm sure you have a beautiful name.
Leave a comment on THIS blog. Right here. Underneath. Where it says "Post a Comment" 
(Not sure how? Under the comment box, there is a drop down menu next to the font "Comment as" select Name/URL and simply type your Name. Click continue. Leave a comment!)
You can say whatever you want in your comment. We'll be choosing a name randomly. But if you make it funny, it'll make me giggle. And, I do like to giggle.
(Did that sound creepy?)

And that's all you need to do!

Once we reach 1,000 fans we will choose a winner to receive our giveaway.
What do you get, you ask?

An 11x14" print gallery wrap. (It's the photo print itself wrapped and laminated  with a mounting block on the back. Gives you the gallery feel to your home, office, front porch, your favorite gas station, wherever you decide to hang it.)
You get to pick any of my 365 pictures (with a few exempts, you can't pick any pictures that feature our clients, my family,  or that picture of me & Sara singing in my car. I know, I'm sorry.. just none with people in it.)

And well, if this doesn't sound like that great of a giveaway, you are off the hook. You don't need to share it with your friends, or even continue reading this blog. In fact, you can just cancel out of it now! Bye! Thank you for stopping by! We'll miss you.

We can't wait to find out who the winner is! And the sooner we reach 1,000 the sooner you get your Print Wrap! Feel free to even comment which picture you would like! If you want one!

All of you are awesome!!! Is it too cheesy to say we love you like crackers love cheese? Like peanut butter loves jelly? Like wishes love dandelions? Because we do! 


  1. I think you girls are doing an amazing job and I always look forward to seeing your new work. I'm especially partial to some very recent engagement pics you took. :) Maybe some day, somewhere (probably in the very distant future) you can take photos of my precious grandchilden. Ok, I can ALWAYS hope anyways.

  2. I just wanted to say that I LOVE your blog! You guys do an amazing job!

    Britney, you have inspired me to do a 365 picture project. If I could choose one picture from your project, I would choose the peacock feather one.

  3. Your blog seriously made me lol! Yalls talent is AH-MAZING and I"m super super positive that when you guys do my ballet pics (which we WILL get in contact with you!)they will be wonderful... mostly because of the photographers (of course) ;p
    oh, and for the 365 picture project... I LOVE the one from 1.16.11! its the one that says "wake up dreaming"... but ya know, they all rock!!!

  4. Would love a print!

  5. Love your pics! But even if i dont win, this blog was so funny it def gave me a good laugh!

  6. This blog was one of my faves. Perhaps its because the author herself read it out loud to us :D

  7. Loved the you guys!!! And, as you know, I totally can identify with putting yourself out there! And I think we both (including "Sar" of Saritney) are constantly getting reassurance from others and that keeps us going!!

  8. I Love your 365 project as well as your blog! If I had to pick a favorite pic to hang somewhere it would take a while to pick it cuz they are all just so wonderful...
    Love your style!

  9. Just thought you should know that I read this blog in your voice. Seriously, I did. And it was legendary.

  10. I happen to think that a giant bouncy ball would make an awesome office chair. Do they come in green? If so I will take one for my office. Oh wait, does it make awkward voices that makes people wonder what's going on? If the answer is yes then I'll take two. I like to keep my coworkers guessing.
    I think that you are doing a wonderful job. I have not seen a picture that I don't like. Keep up the good work and the amusing blog. Thanks. Staci F.

  11. I live for your 365 posts!! :) One of them wouldn't look so bad in my house. Can't wait for the etsy page to be up and running!

  12. The only reason it has taken me this long to comment is because I was trying to think of something to make you giggle....because I like it when people giggle. Sadly I'm lame and couldn't come up with anything. So I decided instead...I'll bribe you. If I win....GALLONS of Dr. Pepper coming your way. ;)

    Hee hee...No really...I've enjoyed your 365 all year and will really miss it when it's over. :o( I'd love a print!

  13. Love it all! The pics, the blog, and your humor. However, REALLY? We have to pick ONE print from your 365? Sorry girls...not gonna happen. I can't pick just one. I like so many of them! Piano keys, double oreos, horses, night skies, icicles (sp?)... Good luck to you girls. I hope someday soon (Hint hint TIM) we can do my REAL wedding pictures, so I'm not stuck with these courthouse step ones ;)

  14. I tried to leave one earlier...stinking phone. But I would love to have one of your pics!! It would look so cute on my wall and I loved my wedding book by the way. Yall are the bomb dot com! Lol :-)

  15. WANT!!! I'll sell me soul of need be. Well not really, but maybe a little piece of my soul. How does that sound?
    So I need to get my friends to like you guys and stuff? Well, that's not easily done....

    ...all of my friends already love Saritney. Even the ones who don't know you and share you as friends. I think this might be unfair for me, I have no new blood to bring to the table. Does this disqualify me?? Oh I hope not.

    *please pick me* *please pick me* *please pick me* !!!!!
    (I used !!!!, I made it exciting for extra points)

  16. Love your pics, love your attitude, love the blog. Keep on rockin on.

  17. I looooove your blogs AND your 365 pics! I was cracking up....loudly....AT WORK...(then I had to explain myself to my boss!)SOOO I think I should get extra points for being willing to lose my job to look at 365 pics! ;)
    I still vote for a 365 book! I would buy it in a heatbeat! Love you guys!! (notice my use of !!!) <3

  18. You know I love your work...and I love to win! Put me in the contest!

  19. Remember when i said i was wasting lots of time reading your blog? Well i take it all back! It's definitely not wasted...this is hardcore entertainment!!! I also hear your voice as i read and it makes it all the more hilarious on my giggle-meter (i get points for that right?) Love y'all's work and ambition, snap it up this coming year!!!

  20. We LOVE you guys! Cannot wait for our shoot this Sunday!!! :D

  21. Ahahahaha! STOP IT! Your blog is too hilarious! My side hurts from laughing! Love reading your blog and OF COURSE your amazing pics! I love so many, I don't know what I would choose if I won. Anywhoo, win or no win, love you guys and your gorgeous pics, I am a little upset we can't win a huge pic of you and Sara, I think ya'll would go great with my living room decor! ;)

  22. Would love a print. You both are awesome.