Monday, December 26, 2011

Mascara, Lance Armstrong, and 2012

Even as I'm typing this, I'm laughing. And it's one of those laughs you'll do at yourself when you truly recognize you are only using 31% of your brain. I keep telling myself this is a bad idea. Why are you blogging Britney? We just spent almost 10 hours straight brainstorming, thinking, doing that whole big decision making stuff..and you decide to come home at the end of it all and Blog? Reeeeallllyy? Oooookaayyy.

So, I apologize when this blog is complete rambles and bounces from left to right.

Because my dear friends, I just noticed there is mascara wiped all over my fingers, which means I have been going probably half the day with only make up on one eye. Yeah. That's how I roll.

Also, you know it's been a long (But definitely very good!!) day when at the end, you forget how to spell the word Pictures. (Thank goodness for Google auto correct, phew!)

But anyways, enough about that.

I really wanted to get my thoughts down, no matter how scattered. So goes.

Today Sara and I had our second annual Saritney Business Meeting. We have it at the end of the year and spend the few months previous making lists and lists of things we need to discuss. Then we wake up nice and early (unless one of them sleeps through 10, yes you read that right 10 alarms that they had set..and shows up a few minutes in a tangled mess...) (and I'm not even going to tell you that it was actually me, that way you think it was Sara....) and begin our meeting. Which we do not end until all the things on our pretty little list is crossed out. And the best feeling in the world my lovelies, is when you cross out. that. very. last. to. do.

For real. It's what I imagine Lance Armstrong felt like when he crossed the finishing line in the Tour de France in 1999. Triumphant. Powerful. Strong. And knowing he was gonna do it again for several more years to come.

Did I just compare us to Lance Armstrong.
Even though, I can barely make it to ride my bike up and down the sidewalk outside my house.....
....and I don't have any sidewalks outside my house.

But it was so different this year. We were in control of our business. We knew what we wanted to improve. We knew what our strengths were, we recognized our weaknesses and knew what we needed to do to change those. We dared a little more for the year 2012. More confident. More excited. More ready.

And to be honest, it was quite a bit different from last years meeting. Spent just as long. So many hours. Planning. Talking. Thinking. Decision Making. A little nervous. Worried alot. Not sure what all we should do. And, I choke back soft tears as I type this, we did not get to cross out everything on our to do list.

So for anyone out there who is trying to start a photography business. Or you have already started it, but you're in your first year, and you are struggling, and constantly double guessing yourself. Keep it up! Double guess. Worry a little. Panic over the random things. I don't know if it does any good, but it's what we did, and we were able to survive year one and year two! Just keep at it. Make your self do it. And remember to always have fun with it. Be sure to continue enjoying being behind your camera, and capturing those laughs, smiles, and kisses.

Anyways, sometimes I think we shouldn't really offer advice, because what works for us, may not work for others, and we ourselves are always learning. But every little bit can help, right? Maybe? Sometimes? Possibly??

But I absolutely cannot wait for this next year! Which is a good thing, because it's coming in six days. So..technically, I don't really need to wait much for next year. Anyways. That was rambling wasn't it? Sorry.

We hope you all are just as excited! We wouldn't be able to keep going if it weren't for the kind words you share, the support you show, and the willingness you have for being super stars in front of our cameras.

So..are YOU a photographer and in a growing business? What are some changes you are making for this upcoming year?! How has this past year gone for you?! We'd love to know!


  1. Have I told you lately that I love you? Cuz I do, you make me laugh. That is all.

  2. Thanks for the insight. Lord knows im no photographer. But i plan to take more pictures and just have fun as you have mentioned. So than you Saritney Photography for your amazing photos and oh so insightful blogs. See ya next year.....

  3. Hope your third year is as amazing as your first two! I know I can speak for Saritney's WHOLE family when I say we are so proud of you two & personally, I have enjoyed finding props, locating a field for a photo shoot, or suggesting a pose (hope I haven't annoyed y'all by doing this.)I am always in anticipation of seeing the pictures from your latest photoshoot. Looking forward to all the 2012 Awesomeness that Saritney will bring us!!!!

  4. We're on year three already?!?!?! Yikes time goes fast..., well I personally am super thrilled you guys have stuck it out considering we've had tons of fun and I have someone I can trust for my wedding pictures (*phew*) :-D this is gonna be a fun and SUPER BUSY year!! Yay!!!

    ---thee saritney stalker