Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Week 4 - Serenity

This week the lovely Kim of Bambini Photography let us choose the theme. We chose Serenity. Here is what we came up with! If you want to join us in this 52 week project feel free! You dont have to be a professional photographer, or even have a blog! You can just post your pictures on Facebook and write a caption underneath what that weeks theme means to you. Think about it!! It would make us SUPER happy! :)


I know what your thinking. Is that a chicken salad sandwich?! Why yes..... yes it is. You see... this weeks theme was hard for me. Again, I know what your thinking. Didn't you help pick the theme?! Why yes.... yes I did. But all my ideas were not working out. Most of them got rained out, and then when the rain stopped it was still to muddy. The places that make me most serene in the world, I unfortunately could not travel to this weekend. And the other ideas, I was quite sure how to take a picture of them. So I came up with chicken salad. Doesn't take much to make me serene right? Actually, this isn't about the chicken salad in itself (while a good chicken salad does make me quite happy). Its what it represents to me. You see today I got to go eat lunch with one of my best friends. We don't get to see each other nearly often enough because we live so far away from each other. So today, we both drove half way and met at a quaint little coffee shop, and talked and talked and talked. We caught up on each others lives, ups and downs and all the in betweens. Over chicken salad. And this isn't the first time. In fact, this is kind of a ritual, when Britney and I just want to go out to have fun, not necessarily talk about business, if we aren't eating chinese, we are eating chicken salad at a quaint little shop. When my mother comes to visit me, we normally end up at a similar shop. When Kyle and I go for a lunch date, same thing. Its not the chicken salad, its the friends, family and the laughs that matter. Cause in this crazy, crazy world, our friends and family are truly what give us serenity (and sanity for that matter). I appreciate my friends and family so much, and I cherish these moments that dont happen often enough. The moments where we can sit, chat, laugh, and eat whatever it might be.


the deepest corner of calm.
The winds of peace,
and whispers of quietness.
it's the moment of stillness.
Goes to the depths
of one's own Tranquility.

Oh yeah, totalllly google'd "Synonyms for Serenity" to come up with some of those big words.

Oops..secret's out. But, it's no lie or unknown fact, I am only able to live and think with google, especially after spending waayy too many hours reading one amazing book and not getting enough sleep this weekend.

My goal was to capture a picture that when you looked at it, gave you a sense of Serenity. Whether I captured that or not, well, you be the judge.

My best friend who I've known from birth practically, is my sense of Serenity. Even though it's never exactly what you would call peaceful when we are together. She's someone I can go to the beach with for a weekend, get lost, drive around for an hour trying to find a place to eat that isn't just seafood, make her swish her hair multiple times as old men fishing nearby stare in confusion,  and sitting in a hotel room for 3 hours, not talking to each other, just simply reading our own books and munching on popcorn. 
Serenity, to me, is having a void filled. Whether it's the lack of traveling, lack of food (heh heh), lack of laughing, lack of being with a good friend. And I'm thankful I have Serenity every day.


  1. When I think of Serenity I would never have thought of Friendships. Until now....Thanks for putting it into perspective for me.

  2. Great job as always girls! Did you see the theme for next week? "Texture" :) It's going to be awesome!
    Do ya'll want to take turns choosing? Feel free to choose for week 6!